World AIDS Day – Dec. 1st

The blue gate at the entrance of AHOPE an orphanage for children with HIV and AIDS.

Lifesaving antiretroviral drugs taken punctually at 6:00AM and 6:00 PM each day.

A little boy in his room. Many of the children store their “treasures” under their mattresses. One little girl showed me a small plastic bottle that was her greatest treasure. I nearly cried.

(I wish I could show you the faces of the beautiful children at AHOPE, but AHOPE prohibits distribution of their photos in order to protect the children’s privacy.)

December 1st is World AIDS Day. I will confess that there was a time when this day would have passed by with barely a thought from me. That is no longer the case. I don’t think it is possible to live in Ethiopia without losing somebody you love to AIDS. For me it isn’t possible to know and love a child from Ethiopia without caring about the people of their country.

6,000 children will lose a parent to AIDS today, just like every other day of the year. Many children themselves will die of AIDS today.

World Vision has some great information on their website.

If you want to do something concrete for a child who has been orphaned by AIDS and is living with HIV or AIDS right now, please consider making a donation to AHOPE. I have been there. I have held the children, talked with the staff, blown up countless balloons, taken photos, and it changed my world and my life.

For only $30.00 per month you can sponsor a child.
For $50.00 you can provide a child with a traditional Ethopian outfit and Christmas gifts.
For $200.00 you can provide 20 children at AHOPE with a field trip.

The list goes on. It is so easy to think that these gifts make a small difference, but don’t believe it. What you give to AHOPE will change a child’s life – I know this to be true.


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  1. Laura
    December 1, 2007

    My life and my heart was forever changed … thanks for sharing your heart with us.


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