Where are They This Summer? [Mimi and Samuel]


Summer is nearly over and I have not yet finished this little series of updates! I’m going wrap up my big kids today.

Mimi had a summer full of travel. She has always wanted to see the world and have adventures. When she was in college she dreamed of being a travel writer. Life went a different direction, yet now, through her work in the gaming industry, she is traveling to conferences all over the world.

She spent three weeks in Europe this summer, first at MineCon in London, and then traveling through several countries, including Sweden where Mojang, the developer of Minecraft is located. The experience was wonderful and she is already looking forward to PAX in Australia in November.

Samuel is wrapping up the first year of his master’s degree in mechanical engineering. I don’t really understand his work, but he is enjoying his studies. His research involves using submarines to characterize electrical fields in the ocean (Russ wrote that sentence – can you tell?)

He lives nearby with a friend who is also a grad student; thankfully, we get to see him pretty often. He is a great help with his youngest brothers and even showed up last night to mow the lawn. We came home to a broken gate that is taking lots of Russ’ time to repair and our lawn was wild and crazy. Nobody else  at home can wrestle our beast of a lawn mower.

We’re in the last days of summer and busily preparing for school to start. Annarose has freshman orientation today; I can hardly believe it! I posted a cute pic of her on Instagram. I’m gathering school supplies, washing backpacks, and finally clearing out papers from last year.

How about you? What does your day hold?

Have a great day, friends.





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  1. sciencedino
    August 21, 2015

    Wait – backpacks are a thing you can wash? I guess I need to do some googling. I refuse to by my son a new one, because there's nothing structurally wrong with his backpack from last year, but it is filthy and has a vague odor despite me clearing it out, airing it out and Febreezing it!

  2. Bridget Czarnecki
    September 10, 2015

    I have six kiddos and haven't purchased one backpack this fall. Yes, just stick them in the wash and hang dry! We buy pretty expensive ones which should last at least two years! U can always donate them too if the kids are itching for a new one!


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