Weekend Wandering 7.9.16

wandering above Blue Lakes in San Miguel County, Colorado
wandering above Blue Lakes in San Miguel County, Colorado

Before we jump into our favorite internet finds of the week, I want to give a last reminder that one of you will win a $100 Visa gift card from Excedrin.

To enter, follow the simple instructions at the bottom of the post, Oh My Aching Head.

Okay, carry on with a couple of great reads!

Failed Parenting from KathyEscobar.com

So many parents carry a pervasive feeling of constant failure and no safe places to talk about it…

When my kids struggle or rebel or do-all-kinds-of-things-that-make-me-crazy, the first place I go is always the same – I must have done something wrong.

Our Broken and Beautiful Adoption from Huffington Post

During our hardest days, the fact that we could never be the forever family was what got me through. I knew we could do it for a season and help her have stability until the right family was found for her. I felt like I could manage all of this for a time and then celebrate when she went to be with the mother who was better equipped than I was to meet her long-term needs.

We hope you have a great weekend, friends. I am so glad to have Russ home. He is already back into some big projects and the tractor is running late into the night.

Jennifer and her family are enjoying a respite weekend in the Rocky Mountains. Life with their littles is looking up a bit; they are finding some new routines that may make their days (and nights) a bit easier.

I’ll have an update on our journey as a foster family on Monday.

with hope and gratitude,

Lisa and Jennifer

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