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7 Things Foster Parents Need You to Know
from Amusing Maralee

You may not have time to make a meal or the money to run out and buy diapers as a welcome gift for this new child, but if you’ve got a few minutes I’m going to help you do something that may be even more appreciated– learn about how to respond to this new child and their foster family in helpful, respectful and supportive ways.

Why We Stopped Most Therapies from Respectfully Connected

I felt like the appointments for therapy and doctors were making us all stressed out and that we were rushing around too much. Even though the therapy was fun and play based, many days the kids did not want to leave the house and forcing them to go felt wrong. We gradually began to stop doing therapy. Our stress levels went down as our number of appointments went down. I felt strongly that the kids needed to be able to be kids and have tons of time for free play.

Being a Pro-Life Church is Messier Than You Think from Christianity Today

Foster care and adoption put a magnifying glass over specific kinds of mess for us. For starters, those realities show us all the ways in which a child ends up needing a short- or long-term home outside of his or her family of origin: abuse, neglect, poverty, disease, mental illness, substance abuse, death, or other life circumstances that lead a first parent to—by their own choice or by others’ intervention—not raise their biological child. In even the best cases, adoption and foster care always involve loss. We are called to reflect Christ’s love into that mess with our presence and proximity while valuing their dignity as image bearers of God, no matter what the adoption or foster care narrative might be.


…and in the midst of SO MANY kids and SO MUCH summer, I (Jennifer) found myself reading this one over and over and laughing out loud each time:

40 Things Everyone But You is Doing This Summer from Kelly Catchpole




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