Weekend Wandering 6.18.16

ww green mountain 2wandering on the top of Green Mountain in Golden, Colorado


Enjoy a few of our favorite recent internet finds…

The Manager in My Home and the 5 Words That Changed Everything from Huffpost Parents

There was a time in my life when I barked orders more often than I spoke words of love… when I reacted to small everyday inconveniences as if they were major catastrophes… when normal human habits and quirks raised my blood pressure to dangerous levels.  Rather than nurturing my family members, I took it upon myself to manage my family members until there was no room to bend or breathe.

7 Ways to Disarm Defiant Children from DanielleMaxon.com

As much as you can, say yes, but in a way that honors your family’s values and rules. Instead of “No cookies until you finish your dinner,” try “Yes, of course you can have a cookie, right after you eat 5 more bites of broccoli.” Kids hear No all the time; No is like white noise to a spirited child.

A Prayer for When You Don’t Know What to Say from Emily P. Freeman

For the parents, friends, co-workers, and family members who received final texts, phones calls, or heard no word at all, we ask for Your abiding presence to come beside, to stand behind, to walk ahead, to comfort.

I was honored to be featured on my friends’ Mike and Kristin Berry’s blog this week.

8 Ways to Help a Struggling Family from Confessions of An Adoptive Parent

Last week I heard from a woman whose friend adopted a child and the family is struggling. Her heartfelt note asked what she could do to help. She wrote, “The mom looks sad and frustrated all of the time.”

She closed her email with, “What can I do to help? What can our church family do to help?”Let me offer a few thoughts…

This week has taken my breath away. I fully intended to send a newsletter, but Russ and I took a wild and unexpected leap into the licensing process to become  foster parents . Remember when I said we were going to do that some day?

Then I got the flu – the real, full-blown flu, and I’m still recovering. It has taken so much out of me – in fact, as soon as I finish typing this, I’m taking a nap.

Oh, and school is out, the kids are home from school, and I’ve been on the couch all week. It hasn’t gone quite like I planned.

Let’s hope next week is better – much better.

This weekend is Father’s Day! Jennifer and I would be honored if you would share our Father’s Day posts:

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Have a great weekend, friends.

Lisa – and Jennifer 

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