Weekend Wandering 5.7.16

ww yankee boy basinwandering in Yankee Boy Basin, Colorado

Enjoy some of our recent internet wanderings…

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Parallel Lives  by Barbara Mahaney from Pull Up a Chair

the state of a marriage in the thick of these years, must be such that it can get by on fumes and wisps. for fairly long spells.

but then, in the unscheduled serendipitous sentence, in the sharing of a story, or hearing how deeply he listens, when really it matters, the whole deal is sealed. i remember why i, who clung to my all-alone time, gave it up.


Barbara Mahaney’s book, Slowing Time: Seeing the Sacred Outside Your Kitchen Door is currently on sale for $3.57 on Amazon.



Rollercoaster and Excessive Miracles from Precious Jewels Mamma

This blog is written by my friend, Maria. She and her husband, Sam, adopted their son from China and are at the beginning of a hard journey through cancer treatment with their little guy. You might want to follow their story – and they would be grateful for your prayers too.

Tomorrow, I will be one of the many mamma’s at the “Cancer Wing” at Seattle Children’s.   Tears.   I will press into my Jesus as I take the first steps on to this floor.  I will be brave for my son and all of the other parents who are fighting alongside their children.  I will PRAISE my Jesus for the EXCESSIVE MIRACLES He has and is doing done in my life through my precious son Jax!!!

The Choice to Love My Actual Life from Elisa Morgan Blog

Just live this one life with the creative best I can muster. The coffee might be cold, but the moment is precious and fleeting. And it’s my moment that God has offered up to me. I can take it and cherish it or move past it at the speed of the over-busy life I lead.

Meaning in the Middles from Hello Dearest

The middles are the moments that go unnoticed, the years that you feel unseen. They are easy to overlook. They aren’t the things you write in a baby book or memorialize with photos. They aren’t the obvious sources of our pride or affirmation. On the contrary, it’s in the middle days, the ones between the pages of the baby books and photo albums, that we feel like we’re drowning. But mama, those days are yours too. We can find purpose and joy for ourselves and our kids in each and every one.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Enjoy the ones you love.

with hope and gratitude,

Lisa and Jennifer


This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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