Weekend Wandering 4.2.16

hiking feet(wandering up Chief Mountain, Evergreen, Colorado)

Enjoy some of our recent internet wanderings…

News that Makes You Run from Brooke Mardell (meant for Easter, but so good we had to share)

I will never forget the sound of his flip-flops as they raced down the hall and into the waiting room, not pausing to round the corners, coming at full speed to my side, where both of our messy tears and words rambled through a series of “I heard he was gone? But that now he’s alive?”

5 Game-Changing Attitudes to Take Into IEP Meetings from Confessions of an Adoptive Parent

We wanted to march into the meeting and let this teacher have it. I wanted her fired. How dare she do that to us! How dare she let this go on for weeks and not call us! We stomped around our house, ranting and raving. We went to bed, still fuming. But the next morning, when it came time for the meeting, we decided to change our attitude.

Your Biggest Expense is Your Greatest Opportunity from becoming minimalist

When the rest of the world was building bigger and bigger, we decided to buy smaller. And that decision has freed us to do many wonderful things.

When I Didn’t Love My Adopted Child from Brandy Lee at Christianity Today

When Nora joined our family, I expected to have hard days… I just didn’t expect months of them back-to-back. My heart got ugly. I went from disappointed to barely surviving to bitter and defeated.

A Prayer for a Hopeful Vision from Emily P. Freeman

We’ve developed a bad habit of praying for clarity.  We want to know the plan before we agree to it, but we’re beginning to understand that’s not really how You roll.  You never promised clarity. hiking feet

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