Two More Friends in Ethiopia

While Honeybee is in Ethiopia with Signe, Michele and Heather, I have two other friends also traveling to meet their new children.

Jen is a friend from our first adoption and we share a small circle of friends from that time. Jen is in Ethiopia right now and recently started a blog, Coming Home. If you want an up close and personal account of somebody traveling to Ethiopia, meeting their child, and then adjusting to life with a new daughter, you will enjoy following Jen’s new blog.

My other friend, Lisa, is a blog friend who contacted me when they were thinking about adopting a child from Ethiopia. Now she is in Ethiopia also meeting her new daughter. In addition, she and her husband are traveling to Soddo, where Eby and Little Man are from, and will be delivering pictures of the boys for me. I have had very few opportunities to get information to Eby’s family (Little Man’s family is now in Addis), so I was so excited to learn they were traveling there. We had quite an amazing adventure, so it will be interesting to talk to her once she is home.

In addition, Lisa is an extraordinary Creative Memories consultant. When I emailed photos of Eby to her, I had no idea she would take the time (the very day before she departed) to not only print them, but put them in a darling album. I could not believe it when she emailed these photos to me. You can follow her blog, One Generation to Another, and have a front row seat to her experiences in Ethiopia and after arriving home.

I’ve added both blogs to my sidebar and look forward to watching my friends’ stories unfold.


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  1. Jamey...
    January 16, 2010


    My name is Jamey and I blog at and I run an etsy site with adoption flag blankets at I followed the link to your friend's blog and I saw that they're an Air Force family living in MD and that's what we are as well. I thought maybe we could connect (after they were settled back here), but I didn't see any contact information on their blog and wondered if you'd be so kind to pass along a greeting/introduction for me.



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