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We both love Trim Healthy Mama and have found it the easiest and most enjoyable way to stay “on top of” our health, food choices, and energy levels.

Trim Healthy Mama Plan lays out the day-to-day plan. What we love most is that you don’t give up delicious food, you don’t go hungry, you don’t count calories or points, and you don’t eliminate yummy carbs. You simply learn how the body uses food as fuel and learn to make a plan each day that allows you to enjoy delicious food and satisfying amounts – and still be at your healthiest!


Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook has over 300 easy to follow recipes that make the plan even easier.  I (Jennifer) recently spent an afternoon with my dear friend, Angela, making two batches of Cobbler in a Jar from the cookbook (yum!), as well as a couple of THM mixes to have on-hand in the pantry.

(* note – If you already have the first edition of the THM book, these two new editions are worth the purchase. I have used both the old combined edition and the new two-book format which is edited for clarity and easier-to-follow recipes. I wavered for a while before purchasing, but I have definitely learned and improved with the new purchase.)


The sisters, Pearl and Serene, who researched and designed the THM plan have recently opened a store that sells a number of products that make the plan simple (the beauty is that you don’t need to purchase their products – although they have them more than competitively priced which makes having a few things on hand very easy).


I find it easiest when there are a number of grocery store “staples” that I enjoy and try to keep stocked in my refrigerator and pantry.  And I purchase a few things from the THM store as well.


My THM store List

Trim Healthy Mama Baking Blend
(a great gluten-free, grain-free baking blend that provides a great consistency for baked goods)

Super Sweet Blend
(I use this in my desserts and coffee – a blend of erythritol and stevia)

Pristine Whey Powder
(excellent price on unflavored protein powder – great in countless, yummy shake and smoothie recipes)

Integral Collagen
(two tbsp. of this in my coffee every morning – adds no flavor at all and gives a boost protein along with benefits for hair, nails, and joints)

Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
(my copy is full of post-it tabs from my favorite recipes)

Trim Healthy Mama Plan
(a must-read, the place to start if you’re interested in trying out THM – available in both print and e-book formats)



My THM Grocery Store List

I’m fortunate to live near a Costco where I get most of my staples – but most can be found in any grocery store.  These are the items that I use most frequently – the list will look different for each person.  There is truly such a wide variety of food you can enjoy without guilt!

Heavy cream (!)
Cream cheese (!)
Butter (!)
Almond milk
Turkey breast (or ham, salami, etc.)
Laughing cow cheese wedges
Cottage cheese (for extra protein in shakes)
Triple Zero yogurt (high protein and sweetened with chicory root and stevia)
Sprouted bread
Kind bars (the varieties with 5g of sugar or less)
Frozen blueberries
Coconut oil
Olive oil


* We both purchased all of our THM products and did not receive any products for free (using the links above for your THM purchases does provide Thankful Moms with a small commission).

with hope and gratitude,

Avi and Jen

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