Time to Rest, Play, and Be Quiet

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We made it to Whidbey Island late Thursday night  and waited until Friday morning to unload the van. It was packed with bikes, food, sports equipment, camping gear, bags of books, K’nex, and everything we need for the next few weeks. Yesterday we made our (hopefully) only trip off the island to do a very big Costco run, and now I feel ready to relax.

Isaiah is picking Hannah up at the airport this morning; they’ll have plenty of time to catch up as they wait in the long ferry line. Sunshine is joining us fresh from horse camp. Samuel arrives tonight and the other big kids will arrive a few days later.

You won’t hear from me this week, and then only a little bit for the rest of our time here. I’m going to spend my days looking at the faces of my family and not my keyboard. I want to say “yes” to playing games, taking walks, picking blackberries, reading books, and gathering around the campfire.

To be honest, this will involve some discipline. I spend a lot  of time thinking about what to write, writing, editing, and posting – and I love it. But too often I say to the people most dear to me, “Give me just a minute to finish this, then I can help you (play with you, listen to you, read to you…)”

When our time at Whidbey is over, I’ll be more then ready to jump back into blogging. With Dimples moving home, a new school year starting, and so much of life happening, I’ll be eager to write and share with all of you.

In the meantime, I’m limiting myself to checking email once a day and posting occasional photos and updates on my One Thankful Mom Facebook page. If you want to see my updates, “Like” my page, then hover over the “Liked” button and click on “Get Notifications,” otherwise you’ll only get the few that FB is inclined to put in your newsfeed. This is Facebook’s way of getting page owners to pay to have their status updates sent to their readers, which I’m not going to do just to share something hilarious that my little boys say. Although they are stinking cute.

I’m going to take this time in and hold it close. These days with my family are precious and I don’t want to miss a single moment.

I’ll miss you friends! Have a wonderful week – or two or three.


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  1. Erika
    July 26, 2014

    Have lots of fun and may God bless your family vacation.


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