Three More Wells Nearly Finished!

These boys are pumping clean water from one of our wells!

My big kids are having a very productive Christmas Break including painting a mural on a bedroom wall, preparing for Christmas, and spending time with friends. Rusty is busy working on The Water Fight and he wrote this for you:

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Christmas Wells campaign! You helped us reach our goal more than a week before the deadline, funding a well in Tulwet, Kenya. We had such a great response that we realized we can serve even more people this Christmas.

Christmas is just three days away. I turned in my last paper on Friday, and break is awesome. Sleeping in, hitting the slopes, getting together with old friends and family…

But for many people, Christmas is just another day to survive. On December 25th, there will still be hundreds of thousands of women and children walking miles to provide dirty water for their families. Half of the world’s hospital beds will still be occupied by people suffering from the effects of dirty water. 5000 children will still die because they lack access to clean water – more than from any other cause.

 This is where you come in. Right now we have a special opportunity to make a huge impact because there are three wells already dug that are just waiting for pumps. We only need $1400 to finish all three wells, which will provide clean water for up to 1500 people. That’s less than a dollar per person. This clean water will promote health, education, economy, gender equality, and development. Clean water changes everything.
Help us reach our goal of $1400 by New Year’s Day to complete three wells in the Tulwet region of Kenya. You can help by donating to the cause and inviting your friends to join the fight.

Isaiah Qualls (aka Rusty)

As Isaiah’s mom, I want to add a few thoughts.  I was looking at the photos on The Water Fight site and these ones jumped out at me.

Would we want our children to drink this water?
Would we want our children to spend their days gathering water rather than going to school?

This project is very dear to our family and we hope you will join us. You can help by sharing a link to this blog post or a link to The Water Fight cause, or by making a donation if you are able.

Our day is off to a busy start, and I bet yours is too!


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  1. Mary Andrews
    December 24, 2011

    Way to go Isaiah!!!! Gramma and Boppa

  2. Shanice Linzy
    November 12, 2012

    I'am doing a project on this Africa's and i was wondering how many wells did you guys dig so far?

    1. Lisa Qualls
      November 12, 2012

      Shanice, as of September our team has completed 29 wells in Kenya.


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