Thankful Necklaces and Beauty for Ashes

Friends, we are so excited to share these beautiful
“Thankful” and “Thankful Mom” necklaces with you.
(in time for Mother’s Day!)


Handmade exclusively for us by the lovely Cate Florey
(Cate tells us she prays over each and every necklace as she works).


We are particularly excited because a portion of your purchase
will benefit “Beauty for Ashes Uganda!”


The goal for Beauty for Ashes Uganda is to empower women (especially single mamas and widows) to reach long-term sustainability for their families. We help these single mamas to join a cooperative, which works both as a small group for support and encouragement as well as a resource to help them work together towards sustainability. Most groups are 30 women….though some run as high as 59! With the understanding that long-term sustainability is a long-term solution, we also offer short term aid that is thoughtful and helpful without creating systems of dependence.


Visit our Etsy shop to choose your necklace today
(necklaces are $25).
A limited number are available for Mother’s Day delivery
when your order is placed before April 25.

A perfect way to honor someone you love while making a way
for these beautiful Mamas across the world
to sustainably support their families!

Untitled design-2

Betty - 5 children (these 3 are Goretti (far right), Emmanuel and Josephine

Tubor - Ailo Stella, 34 yrs, 5 children

with hope and gratitude,
Lisa and Jennifer

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  1. Angela
    April 7, 2016

    These are so beautiful! And, I love the ministry that it goes to support.


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