We're Having a Wedding!


Russ and I have happy news! Noah proposed to Katie this weekend. It is an incredible thing to watch your children grow up, and such a joy to see them make wise decisions that we know will bless them.

I love the way God weaves our lives together and makes them beautiful. Noah and Katie’s story began years ago when our son-in-law, Andrew, was growing up in Texas. He and Katie spent years of their childhood on a swim team together. They swam together until they graduated from high school and went their separate ways to college.

A Quick Hello

Just a quick note as we head out on a family vacation, with a stop at our family reunion on the way. Through friends we met at AHOPE, we were invited to take a much needed rest at a home on Whidbey Island. We are so thankful!

Russ and I have great plans to spend lots of down time with our kids, especially the youngest six who have not had much time with us these last weeks. Even our three big boys are able to come along; and Sweet Pea will join us on the weekend.

I hope to do some writing and blogging while we’re gone, but most of all, I plan to rest and enjoy my family.

Thank you for all of your prayers and good wishes for Andrew and Mimi. They are off on a glorious honeymoon —  and quite happy.


Slow Down!

My children are growing up at a crazy pace!  While I’ve been wrapping up details for Mimi and Andrew’s wedding, Eby lost his first two  teeth, Sweet Pea started her third year of med school, and Little Man learned to jump off the side of the pool.  The middle seven are working full-time or part-time, taking swimming lessons, reading books, and doing the things kids do in the summer.

It’s an unbelievable mental stretch some days.  I go from warming milk in sippy cups for bedtime, to talking over the challenges of getting to know new roommates.

I love it all — and I am stretched by it.

As my friend Signe says, “So many needs, so little Mom.”

In wedding news — only eight more days!  Seven of us got haircuts today, the front porch got one last coat of paint,  tux rentals were confirmed, and I’m working on a schedule for the next week.  It feels a little unbelievable, but Mimi and Andrew seem to look happier every day.

Thank you for sharing my life.


Two Weeks From Today

Two weeks from today my baby will walk down the aisle to her sweetheart, Andrew.  Some days I am so busy with wedding plans and life that I nearly miss how significant this is!  There are many details still to be covered, but the day is drawing close and we are excited.

The yard is looking more beautiful every day, with flowers blooming, weeds pulled, edges trimmed, etc.  We need to mow a section of our pasture where guests will be parking and figure out how to get everybody safely parked and as far up the hill as possible.  We don’t want our guests to feel that they had to hike to the reception.

Tuxes have been ordered, my dress is hanging in the closet, the six youngest all have their outfits, and braiding appointments are being arranged.  Mimi is squeezing in final dental, eye, and doctor appointments while she is still on our insurance.  Even Andrew made it to the dentist!

We have one more trip to Seattle before  the wedding (!), but we’ve had a long break, so I can’t complain.  It will be good for the girls to see their therapist and we are looking forward to seeing friends.

Don’t forget to add your thoughts to this week’s Tuesday Topic: Preparing Children. I’ll post your responses Monday morning.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!


The Middle of the Night

The phone woke me at 3:00 this morning.   The nurse from Dimples’ and Honeybee’s camp needed me to come get Dimples. Dimples’ fever, which had been low grade earlier in the evening, was now 102.6. Unfortunately, the camp was nearly three hours away and it was the middle of the night.  Soon I was in the car with the heat on and the radio blaring as I headed north.

Feeling Low … Feeling Better

Once again I feel like it has been ages since I have posted anything. I began writing a My Learning Curve about bullying last Thursday, but I was so discouraged by the topic that I didn’t finish it. It was a low week for me. Russ was in Colorado for work and I was on my own quite a bit. Dimples’ last day of school was Wednesday and I was waking up with a weight in my chest just thinking about filling her days and providing her with the structure she needs for an entire summer.