Postcard Underground – Thank You

Last Friday Samuel brought the mail up to the house and in the stack we found a few postcards.  Interestingly, they were all addressed to Isaiah.  As I looked more closely, I saw that each one had an encouraging message about his hard work with The Water Fight.  Some also mentioned his World Water Day video.

The mysterious thing is that each one was signed with only a first name and “Postcard Underground.”

Fighting World Thirst – World Water Day 2012

Today is World Water Day.  This cause is dear to our hearts because dirty water kills, steals childhood and children’s education, creates orphans – and the list goes on.  Clean water became very personal for us nearly two years ago when Russ traveled to Kenya with Until Then, a ministry to street kids, and he realized that as a hydrologist, he could have an impact on the lack of clean water in the villages there.

Russ and Isaiah traveled to Kenya in December 2010 to dig the first wells.  When Isaiah returned home, he launched The Water Fight, a student-led initiative committed to fighting World Thirst in the name of Jesus. It is comprised of groups spread around the country that raise money for water projects, spread awareness of the crisis, and “fight for something bigger than ourselves.”

Isaiah created this video to promote awareness of the need for clean water and increase awareness of The Water Fight.  We are just a little bit proud of him. I would be so thankful if you would share his video, “like” it on Facebook, Tweet it, or do whatever you can to promote it. If you want to support the work of The Water Fight, that would be fantastic, too. If you have kids who want to get involved, have them contact Isaiah at

Since that trip, Samuel traveled to Kenya with Russ, and in a few weeks, Russ and Isaiah plan to head back to work with our Until Then/Water Fight Kenyan Team.  We are excited to see what God is going to do and we know His plans are even better than we could imagine.  Please pray for us as a family, as you know, it is going to be very hard for to have them gone, and for the water projects in Kenya which are literally saving lives.

We’re so honored that God is letting us be part of something so wonderful.


Three More Wells Nearly Finished!

These boys are pumping clean water from one of our wells!

My big kids are having a very productive Christmas Break including painting a mural on a bedroom wall, preparing for Christmas, and spending time with friends. Rusty is busy working on The Water Fight and he wrote this for you:

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Christmas Wells campaign! You helped us reach our goal more than a week before the deadline, funding a well in Tulwet, Kenya. We had such a great response that we realized we can serve even more people this Christmas.

Christmas is just three days away. I turned in my last paper on Friday, and break is awesome. Sleeping in, hitting the slopes, getting together with old friends and family…

Checking it Off the List

I woke up yesterday with my big “to-do” list swirling in my mind.  Every item seemed vital and screaming to be done, so I shook my head and gave it a bit of thought.  I asked myself what was the number one most pressing task I had to accomplish – what was the one thing that would make me feel the most relieved when it was done.  Christmas cards?  No, they could wait until next week.  A good school day?  Yes, but even my school kids were hardly going to do any work that day.  Baking?  No, we’re waiting for Sweet Pea to get home before we kick into high gear with baking.