A Christmas Greeting

Would you like to send a Christmas card to a street kid in Seattle?  This is a very simple opportunity to show love to the fatherless by extending kindness to a young person living on the streets – in a big city – where it rains all the time – in the winter – where it can be a dark and frightening place.

I would be so grateful if you would spread the word, through your blogs, churches, schools, or Facebook friends.  There are more details in the post, Be That Mom.  Skip to the bottom if you want the basic facts, such as a mailing address.

…We Call You a Child


I was completely devastated by the book Renting Lacy. I knew the topic of child prostitution in the United States was not going to be pleasant, but somehow I thought I could imagine the worst. I was wrong. The  psychological and physical enslavement of children, and the horrific industry produced by the demand of men who abuse these children sickened me and reduced me to tears.