Hi, this is Rusty, Lisa’s son.

Last summer I spent a lot of time sitting on top of strangers’ houses, tearing shingles off their roofs. As I sweated it out in the summer heat, I began asking God what He wanted me to do before I start college. Over the break, I spent a week at a church camp, and later went on a short-term mission trip, but still didn’t feel pointed in any direction.  I didn’t find my answer until late August when I was asked to speak to a group at my church about the water crisis and my experiences in Kenya; I had just over half an hour to prepare a presentation and I was not looking forward to it. But by the end of the talk I realized that this was the opportunity I had been looking for to continue the work I started last winter in Africa. Six months from now I will graduate from high school. My prayer is that I would make this time matter.

I was Thirsty


We have an abundance of clean water in Idaho.  I never worry about my children getting sick from the water that comes from my faucets.  I wash laundry, take showers, and even water my gardens.  Can you imagine needing to grow your own food, but not having enough water to produce abundant crops?

Let’s go a little deeper.  Can you imagine being an older widow whose children are dying of AIDS, malaria, or other illnesses, leaving their children in your care?  You are a grandmother now trying to feed multiple grandchildren, but having only very meager means to do so.

What happens to the children?  As they get older, they may make their way to the streets in the hope of finding food.  They may never come home to you.

If this were me, I would be desperate to feed my grandchildren.  Desperate.