Tuesday Topic: What do You do about Destructive Behavior?



I missed writing yesterday and I have so many things I want to say, but I’ll hold off because it is Tuesday and I have a good/hard question for all of you. Tomorrow I’ll write about family, some old challenges resurfacing, and maybe a little about Advent (because it makes me so happy).

Today’s question comes from Lori who asks,

What you do to stay regulated when your home is being torn apart? Do you step in to stop the destructive behavior? I  am getting to the point where I get hurt if I try to intervene. I know the best defense is a good offense, so I try to intervene when the signs first appear and move in close to mitigate any damage or hurtful behavior that might occur, but sometimes it seems that is just has to run its course, then deal with the damage afterwards.

Tuesday Topic: How Do I Help My Child with Depression?

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It’s been far too long since we’ve done a Tuesday Topic. Today I have a great question from Margaret,

I am curious how people support kids with depression and how they keep it from seeping into their own lives?

How do I encourage my depressed kid to try new things, get exercise, get out of bed? When do I leave well enough alone? How do I negotiate all this without feeling hopeless myself? (We are already getting professional treatment for our adopted teen daughter.)

Tuesday Topic: How Do We Help Our Children Navigate Hard Questions at School?

Dimples - May 2007
Dimples – May 2007

It’s been ages since I’ve posted a Tuesday Topic and I’ve missed hearing from all of you. The accumulated wisdom here is remarkable and I love seeing us help one another. Today’s question should have been posted a few weeks ago when I received it, but it is so relevant that I’m going to share it now and look forward to hearing your thoughts, experiences, and encouragement. It comes from Natalia who writes,

We have two foster girls (3 and 5) who have been with us for about 5 months. Both of them will be starting preschool/pre-kindergarten in the next couple of weeks and as they enter into the school year I am anticipating a lot of “getting to know you” activities in their classrooms

Six Things Adoptive/Foster Families Need When New Children Arrive

Last week’s Tuesday Topic amazed me.  Your responses were so thoughtful and good – I wish we would have all been sitting in my family room, sipping coffee together having the discussion.  I suspect we would have laughed — and cried. Next to Notes on Hope, it may be my favorite Tuesday Topic we’ve done together.

This was the question,

What would have helped you the most in the early weeks and months of adding a child to your family through adoption or foster care? If somebody had asked you, “What can I do to help?” and you were able  to answer anything at all with no shame, guilt, or concern about whether they really would want to do it, what would it have been?

This is what you answered:

Tuesday Topic: When Do You Adopt Again?

This great Tuesday Topic question comes from Lisa H.:

“What are the non-negotiables that you feel must be in place before you feel free to adopt again?”

I love this question and my answers are already flowing through my head.  Please leave your answers as comments.   I will hold them until Tuesday, February 16th, and share them all together along with my thoughts.

Don’t be shy, and don’t agonize too much over it – give us your “gut” reaction.