Misery Loves Company

A familiar sight on our trips to Seattle.

My dear friend’s husband and daughter just left for Kenya. When Russ and my kids are out of the country, I have to work hard to stay happy and not worry, and I know it is the same for Kathleen. So I came up with a brilliant solution to keep her mind occupied and make the days fly by — I’m taking my youngest five to visit!

I’m heading to Seattle today with Honeybee, Dimples, Sunshine, Eby, and Little Man, where we’ll have two days of appointments, therapy for the girls on Wednesday and a full afternoon at Seattle Children’s on Thursday.  Amazingly (and thankfully), Sweet Pea has a rare afternoon and evening off, so we’ll get some special time with her as well. I’m praying for a safe and easy drive, fun with friends, and answers to some questions at our appointments.

Rockin' Mama Update – and a Prize!

Hello Rockin’ Mamas — all 74 of you!  Just think of all of the love flowing through our families.

It is two days after Valentine’s Day, our official end date.  I was in Seattle at appointments for my girls, and didn’t wrap it up the way I had planned. I am happy to say that moms have continued to join us right up through the weekend!  This Challenge is really about you and your children – my hope was just to share what I am learning and help you get started, so the official end is really not an end at all.

I hope you are all persevering in the Challenge to the best of your ability.  It has been a wonderful process for our family.  Last night Honeybee and I rocked for at least fifteen minutes while she shared the details of a birthday party she attended; she went to bed a happy girl.

I want to encourage you to send me an email update about your Rockin’ Mama experience – so here’s the scoop.

Rockin' Mama Update: 28!

Today marks my 28th day of rocking Honeybee! We began on December 20th, so clearly, I didn’t manage to rock for 28 consecutive days, but we carved out the time every day we both were home and there was even a sliver of time to rock.

Our 15 minutes have often been taken up with Honeybee talking, she is an 11 year old girl after all, and she has lots to say.  Because we’ve worked hard to have our time alone, she has told me more about her life at the orphanage, about her friendships, and other memories.  It has been precious.

Anniversary for A Bushel and A Peck!

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of A Bushel and A Peck at this new website,  www.OneThankfulMom.com.  I started with a small blogspot address on June 19, 2006 having absolutely no idea that I would still be writing today.  I figured that once our children had been home for a short time, I would have nothing more to say.

Apparently that is not the case and most days I think of numerous posts to write — if only I could find a few quiet moments.

Thank you so much for being part of my life through A Bushel and A Peck — I am honored that in the midst of your busy days, you take the time to read my humble offerings. Even if you don’t have time to read this post, would you please skip to the bottom and read the last bit? It would mean the world to me to hear from you.

In honor of this day, here is the first half of the year in review.  The second half will follow tomorrow.

Shedding Some Light

Hello Friends!  My week away from A Bushel and A Peck was filled with family, rest, and fun. I want to give a very warm and hearty thanks to my friends who generously stood in for me.  Weren’t they all wonderful?!?

The Rockin’ Mama Challenge is going strong; if you haven’t joined us yet, jump in!  It’s not too late.

During my computer-free week, I was blissfully unaware of some criticism toward the Rockin’ Mama Challenge, and particularly toward me.  I had shared the Challenge on Grown in My Heart, hoping to encourage parents to draw their children’s hearts more deeply into loving relationship.  Some readers raised concerns that I don’t want to leave unanswered, so I hope you won’t mind if I address them here.

1.  Holding Therapy

Several comments expressed concern that rocking Honeybee is some form of  forced “holding therapy”.