Sunday Visit: Harvest at Home

I met Julie at the Refresh Conference last year.  She and her family were preparing to move to Soddo, Ethiopia, where her husband was going to work as a pediatrician at Soddo Christian Hospital.  This was particularly exciting to me because Eby and Little Man are from Soddo, and Eby even had minor surgery there as a toddler.  When Russ and I traveled to Soddo to see where our boys were from and meet any family we could find, we stayed on the hospital compound. 

Sunday Visit: we never know

This Sunday I invite you to read a post by my friend, Emily.  I met Emily through my blog, and got to know her as she moved from Wheaton, Illinois to Oregon to begin work on her doctorate in psychology.  Emily loves Jesus, loves kids, loves my family, and has a particular heart for children from “hard places.”  Last summer when Russ was in Kenya for three weeks, Emily came to stay with me and love on my kids. We even got to share Whidbey Island with her last summer.

She wrote a post recently that touched me deeply and reminded me of the importance of simply living our lives in way that reflects Jesus.  So often we don’t know if we are doing anything of significance for God – but as Emily shows us, loving our children, being kind to one another, and taking time to listen, can lead somebody closer to Jesus.

I’ll give you a taste of her post, We Never Know.  Don’t miss it.