Simple (and small) Living Vol. 2

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We are thrilled to have Sarah here again as she opens her home to us…
we are extra excited because she has created a lovely set
of printables to share with you later this week!

Last week, I talked about having a vision for your home and thinking about the type of feel you want your home to have.  


In the beginning stages of designing our home, I was inspired by the cabin where we vacation for a week every July. I wanted a home that was filled with what we needed to be comfortable and a place where we could entertain and where I could serve and love my family well. On Pinterest, it’s easy to find beautifully decorated small spaces, flawlessly furnished and organized.

In reality, though, life happens in our home, and often the craft supplies and Legos begin to overtake our space. I have to resist the urge to begin shoveling it into black plastic garbage sacks in a selfish effort to make it look like a Pinterest pin and remember that I share this home with four other people, and that my vision for our home is that it would serve them well.  Simplicity and organization are for all of us. Our small home messes up quick and cleans up quick, and that is the beauty of small and simple living.