Sensory Processing: Basketball Shorts and Snow Days

Eby shorts

Ebenezer has always hated wearing long pants, even when the weather is below zero. It was fine when I homeschooled, but now that he is in school, showing up in shorts is a problem. Not only is it against school policy, since they are supposed to be appropriately dressed for the weather, but let’s be honest, I feel (a little) like a bad mom.

Many kids with Sensory challenges struggle with the way their clothes feel. These kids often can’t bear to wear socks, underwear, clothing with tags, and even shoes.

Not Quite What I Hoped For



Two days at UW, multiple appointments, testing, interviews, and finally a team meeting around the conference table. The final report – Eby’s sensory differences are significant, he has some speech challenges , and trauma is still a big factor influencing his life.

As I listened to the team talk about their findings, my hope drained away. I wanted to hear something I didn’t already know – something I could hang my concerns on, something that would seem solvable. I sat in the room thinking, “I filled out loads of paperwork, waited eight months for an appointment, and spent four days on this trip, only to find out the same old stuff.” I was holding back tears when we left.


The kids are going to vacation Bible school at a local church and it seems to be providing us with lots of opportunities to think about Sensory Processing Disorder.

The first day when I arrived to pick them up, the director took me aside to tell me that during the closing music Eby and a new friend had gotten a little rowdy and were jostling each other while doing the motions to songs.  Eventually Eby pushed the other boy who fell, hitting his head on the pew and getting a small cut.  I knew this was going to be a big deal for Eby to process and I wanted to get him home quickly.  She suggested that I might want to take Eby to see the boy before we left and tell him he was sorry, but I explained that it probably wouldn’t go well and I would talk with him at home.

Dr.Karyn Purvis' New Sensory Resource!

If you have kids with Sensory Processing issues, or suspect that you might, take a moment to watch the trailer for a new instructional DVD by Dr. Karyn Purvis:

A Sensory World: Making Sense of Sensory Disorders

You can also read more about it on the Empowered to Connect website.

I was so impressed that I ordered a copy today. At $30 for over 90 minutes of instruction, I am confident that it is a worthwhile purchase.  I can’t read the stack of books by my bed in 90 minutes and I am guessing I’ll quickly learn lots of good information and new techniques by watching this DVD.

I’m excited to tell you all about it.  Maybe we’ll have to mail it around the country to each other.