Monday Morning

It’s a good thing I love Seattle and my friends there because it was a long few days.  We headed out at 6:30 Thursday morning hoping to make it to Seattle Children’s by 12:30.  With only two quick stops, we made good time and arrived without difficulty.  The weather was great and Snoqualmie Pass beautiful – I love the mountains that surrounded me as I grew up.

We made it to our first appointment where I left four kids in the waiting room while Dimples saw the doctor.  As soon as that appointment was done, we headed up three floors and checked in for our next appointments. Once we were in the queue, I zipped down two floors, checked Sunshine, Eby, and Little Man into the Sibling Playroom and rejoined Honeybee and Dimples in the waiting room upstairs, where we waited.

Beach Treasures

Dimples with her counselor as we said goodbye at camp

Dimples is off to camp.  I went to bed last night with a heaviness in my chest and woke this morning feeling the same.  I know this is a good decision for her and for all of us; it’s just feels so unnatural and foreign to me.  Rather than dig deep into that right now, I’m going to distract myself by writing about something not quite so important.

Misery Loves Company

A familiar sight on our trips to Seattle.

My dear friend’s husband and daughter just left for Kenya. When Russ and my kids are out of the country, I have to work hard to stay happy and not worry, and I know it is the same for Kathleen. So I came up with a brilliant solution to keep her mind occupied and make the days fly by — I’m taking my youngest five to visit!

I’m heading to Seattle today with Honeybee, Dimples, Sunshine, Eby, and Little Man, where we’ll have two days of appointments, therapy for the girls on Wednesday and a full afternoon at Seattle Children’s on Thursday.  Amazingly (and thankfully), Sweet Pea has a rare afternoon and evening off, so we’ll get some special time with her as well. I’m praying for a safe and easy drive, fun with friends, and answers to some questions at our appointments.

Honeybee’s Happy Hair

Remember when I mentioned short-term challenges? Honeybee successfully completed a challenge and earned a much-desired hair straightener. I can’t believe how old she looks with her hair like this. She loves combing it, running her fingers through it, and just plain messing around with it.

I’m kicking off  the morning with packing for a trip to Seattle.   Why, oh why,  didn’t I finish the laundry yesterday?

We have appointments with Deborah on Saturday, with a little bit of Christmas  fun squeezed into the day.

If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, today is the  last day for Free Shipping in time for Christmas delivery from Amazon.  I can’t  bear to pay shipping, and I love shopping online, so I made one last order  yesterday.

Off to clean bathrooms, reboot the laundry, and teach a math lesson. I’ll be back!


Seattle, Spots, and Storms

Sunshine makes me smile.

Our plan was to leave for Seattle by 2:00 — we left at six. Russ and I both had projects to tackle before we got on the road. With snow forecast this week, Russ needed to smooth our driveway and put down new gravel.  I needed to organize Dimples’ and Sunshine’s drawers, pulling out the t00-small, too-worn clothes and filling the gaps with hand-me-downs from their cousin.  Fortunately, I had energy for the project and got the important things done while also packing for myself and the five kids.

Russ enjoyed his time on the tractor and was very pleased to not only complete that project but finish replacing the fuel pump on our big van.

As we headed down the highway we concluded that all in all, it was a good day and although we had nearly six hours of driving ahead of us, we would have a full Sunday to enjoy with our friends.

Time to Get Happy!

Enough of the heavy stuff!  There is plenty to be happy about today and it would do me good to make a list.

  • I just got an unexpected invitation to see Beth Moore in Spokane tonight and tomorrow.  The ticket and hotel room are already paid for.  Can you believe it?  The great thing is that I had been hoping to go with a friend, but in the end we weren’t able to pull it together, so we canceled, BUT, I had left tonight and tomorrow open on my calendar all of these weeks.  I only got the call an hour or so ago, so Russ and I are hammering out the details, but it looks like I’m going!