Circle of Friends

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am in Seattle today for Honeybee and Dimples’ appointments.  My friend, Tonggumomma, at Our Little Tongginnator, wrote this beautiful post and it seems perfect for a day when we celebrate love.  The love of a good friend is a rich gift.

Circle of Friends

Sometimes life just really throws you a fast curve ball. Sometimes you feel so lost and alone, you don’t even know where to turn for help. Sometimes the noise of this world drowns out God’s voice so much, you forget that you need to listen more carefully and instead you simply stop listening altogether.

That was me almost six years ago, while spring gradually eased into summer.

Sweet Time

By Tisha at Deutschland.

“Don’t be hard on yourself, it takes time to acclimate.” That’s what a friend told me soon after we returned home with our two children.

Desperately I wanted to believe her words. Caught in the grip of a downward spiral which included a cycle of shock and guilt that was ushered in with the entrance to Our New Life, I was unsure if they would ever be true.

I wondered what I had done to myself, to my family, to my husband (this was my big idea after all!) to our kids. I grieved the end of life as we knew it, the way things once were, when it was all so much easier, when I felt like a mother to all of my children.


From Kristen at Rage Against the Minivan.

In Haitian Creole, there is a word called “degaje”, which basically means to “make it work”. We are in serious degaje mode right now. I have always scoffed at the idea that there is any manual that can teach a mother how to do things the right way. When you are parenting four small children, one of them who speaks another language, there is NO MANUAL. We don’t know what the heck we are doing.

Tears and Jackie Robinson

My young homeschoolers, Sunshine (7), Eby (5), and Little Man (3) have a special time each morning when we gather on the sofa to read our One Year Children’s Bible, followed by a story or two out of The Children’s Book of Heroes, and then some picture books.  It is a restful moment in the midst of a busy day.

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Today I opened our Hero book to the story of Jackie Robinson.  The intro at the top of the page read,

Here is the story of an American hero who won his fight using self-control.  Often, bravery means keeping your cool and doing the best you can in a bad situation.

As I read those words aloud, my heart sank and I knew I did not want to read this story.  My beautiful brown-skinned boys were looking eagerly at the illustration of Jackie in his baseball uniform and the last thing I wanted to introduce them to was racism.

Thoughts for Wednesday

Last night Little Man was eating ice cream at the kitchen island.  He looked at Russ and said, “Daddy when you grow up you’re going to be a grandpa.”

We laughed and laughed.  Little Man brings so much joy to our lives.  He can get some major attitude going too, but we don’t mind — unless we are sleep deprived.


It’s already mid-afternoon and the day has flown by.  It started early when I woke at 4:00.  I tried to go back to sleep but finally got up and began working on a project that had been sitting at the top of my list, but required more time and attention than I could manage with the kids present.