Home: The Patio Begins

patio 1

Last March I wrote about our decision not to make any major changes to our home, or any other big decisions for that matter, in 2015. Healing our hearts and bodies, gathering our children close, and leaning in close to the Lord are our major tasks for the year.

Although we weren’t ready to tackle a remodel, we decided to build a patio. Having wanted one for many years, we knew that it would add joy to our lives and would be a therapeutic project for Russ. He loves to work outdoors and nearly any project that allows him to spend time on his tractor is an added bonus.

Home: Barn Storage

It’s been a bit of a rough morning at our house – lots of big feelings and not much willing communication. Fortunately I have time on my side and I’m pretty good at waiting. I am the mom. I am wise. I am strong. I am kind. And I am going to love my child no matter what. By the grace of God, love is winning in my heart and home today.

Home: Debt, Faith, Blessing

I love the discussion that happened here yesterday –  Square Footage and Debt.  Thank you for all of the wonderful comments. This is so present in my mind, that I want to toss a few more thoughts out to you.

I want to be clear that while living without debt is a fine goal, it is not just an idealistic plan for us. The key point, that some of you mentioned, is that we need to be very clear that we can handle the payments for any debt we take on.  We  don’t want to be foolish and risk losing our home all together, and I don’t want the weight of that stress to suck the joy out of our lives.

It’s such a tricky balance, isn’t it?

Here are some of the factors we are weighing out: