How to Offer Children Choices

Making choices is a challenge for many children, and offering choices is often inconvenient for parents. That being said, we also know that being offered choices gives children voice, which they often need. Here is a tip I use for helping children make choices.

When I present my kids with two options, I touch first one palm and say the first option…

choices 3

…and then the other as I say the second option.

My Learning Curve: The Calming Power of Bubble Gum

K B bubble gum

In 2009, I launched My Learning Curve, a series of posts with practical tips for parenting children from “hard places.” I’m reaching back into my archives to share some of these updated posts with you. We are nine years into our adoption journey, while many of you are at the beginning; I remember how desperate we were for help. I hope these posts are useful to you.

I was a “no gum mom” until June of 2009 when a wise therapist changed my mind. In an early therapy session, Kalkidan was dealing with some difficult emotions, so our therapist had us take a break to chew gum and have five hugs. She explained that chewing gum has a calming effect; I later learned that it is related to deep pressure in jaw joints.

She broke out a bag of Dubble Bubble and all three of us went to work on chewing and being calm. Just in case you are tempted to try this with a skimpy piece of Trident gum, it is my personal and completely non-professional opinion that it won’t have quite the same impact.