Dimples and Sunshine have dental appointments today.  Sunshine has two teeth that need to come out to make room for the permanent teeth crowding her little mouth.  Dimples has a small cavity that needs to be filled.

Fortunately, I was able to schedule them back-to-back this morning and Sweet Pea is coming along to help.  I asked her which girl she wanted to be with during their procedure and she said, “I’ll go with Dimples.  I don’t think I can handle tooth extraction – I’m afraid it will bother me – especially since it is my sister. Besides, I don’t do teeth – they’re gross.”

This from my daughter who just finished her surgery rotation!

It Began with a Mammogram

Completely unrelated picture, but so cute. Sunshine feeding the cows.

It began with a mammogram — yesterday that is.  The rest of the day was full of the unexpected and I was tempted to complain, then it occurred to me that each challenge also brought an upside.

Mammograms are not my favorite thing.  We all complain about them because of the discomfort.  But here’s the thing, it just doesn’t take that much time (or discomfort) to take good care of ourselves.  We older moms have lots of little people who depend on us, and it is our responsibility to be as healthy as we can be.

The upside was that the entire thing took 15 minutes; I kid you not.  I arrived at 9:05 (five minutes late), she took four images, and I was walking out the door by 9:20.  Not many things in my life are that efficient!

Not the Kind on Your Roof

Sweet Pea and Mimi

Shingles – oh yes, I have shingles.  Doesn’t that just sound creepy?

Fortunately, it looks like I have a mild case, although each night I go to bed wondering what the next day will bring.

It all started on Monday when I had this weird pain along my jawline, a strange painful area on my scalp, a little on my cheekbone, and my ear.

And a Bit More Interesting Still

Honeybee at the Orphanage - March 2008

I picked Honeybee up from school this afternoon and took her to the orthopedic surgeon.  Sweet Pea had warned me that we should not be surprised if surgery was necessary, so I was ready for anything.  Just this morning I got an email from my friend Jennifer whose son also broken his radius and ulna and is scheduled for surgery later this week.

Just to Keep Life Interesting

Everyone crowded around to watch Honeybee get her splint.

Honeybee fractured two bones in her arm at school last Thursday.  She broke her humerus and ulna, both close to the elbow.  Unfortunately the fracture in the ulna appears to be in the growth plate, so we are scheduled to see the orthopedic surgeon on Monday.  Oh boy!

The weekend was relatively calm.  Russ repaired broken drawers in the kitchen, hung my shadow box which had fallen, organized the barn, and generally enjoyed Saturday.  I spent the day organizing things, cleaning out the freezer, running errands, and cooking.

We went to a great church service today and had a big family dinner with everyone but Sweet Pea, who we missed.  Now Russ and I are tucking the kids in bed and getting ready to enjoy a little bit of quiet time before the new week begins.

Honeybee wrote some more thoughts that she said I can share with you.  I’ll get them up tomorrow — just as soon as I can.

Giveaway winners, your books will be in the mail Tuesday morning!


The Bluest Skies You’ve Ever Seen…

It was a whirlwind trip to Seattle  and we are now safely home.  With the other four youngest kids already buckled in their seats, we picked Dimples up from school on Wednesday and headed out.  They were very calm on the trip and we made it quickly to Ellensburg where we stopped for dinner at Wendy’s.  With all of the traveling to and from Seattle that we have done this year, I’ve become an expert at navigating Super Value Menus and finding decent choices.

As we loaded up to continue our trip, I texted my friend, Neely, to tell her where we were.  Her reply was a bit disconcerting, “Oh…I thought you were coming tomorrow…”