Giveaway: Karyn Purvis/TCU DVD

I have a great giveaway for you today.  I know, you’re probably shocked because I haven’t done a giveaway in a very long time.  Truth be told, I have a problem with going to the post office, and giveaways mean going in a timely manner.  But this giveaway is long overdue.

I am giving away a DVD featuring Dr. Karyn Purvis and the work of the TCU Institute of Child Development.  The DVD, “Empowering, Connecting & Correcting Principles” is a fantastic educational tool for adoptive/foster parents, family members, educators, and anybody else who interacts with children from “hard places”.  Dr. Purvis is one of my heroes and I’m very blessed to call her my friend.  If you don’t know her work, you really must read The Connected Child and enter to win this DVD.

Coming Up – Resources for Adoptive and Foster Families

We had an incredible weekend celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  Travel was decent, the party was fantastic, time with extended family was amazing; it was all I hoped it would be.

The week is off to a busy start, but I want to share a few resources.  If you need a boost, want a bit of support, or simply want to learn more, here are some  upcoming events hosted by my friends:

Empowered to Connect Giveaway and Conference!

In less than one month I am flying to Nashville for the Empowered to Connect Conference!  If you live anywhere near and can possibly attend, please join us.  Karyn Purvis and Michael and Amy Monroe, do a great job presenting material that will help any parent of children from “hard places.”  Having never been to Nashville, it will be an adventure for me, one I had hoped to share with Russ, but it isn’t possible for him to get away this time.

In anticipation of the conference, I am giving away a copy of the Trust-Based Parenting: Creating Lasting Changes in Your Child’s Behavior DVD from Empowered to Connect and Dr. Karyn Purvis. From the ETC website:

Big Texas Adventure

Sweet Pea and Ladybug Last Summer

Russ and I leave for Texas tomorrow.  It is crazy hot there – yesterday when it was over 60 degrees here, I tried to imagine it more than 30 degrees hotter and I just couldn’t do it.  That being said, the heat is a small price to pay for spending time with wonderful people in Texas.

Our purpose in going is to study at TCU with Karyn Purvis, David Cross, and other wonderful folks as our teachers.

God Writes Our Story

Thank you for all of your kind comments about my anniversary post.   I would love to encourage more of you to write about the “story” of your marriage and share it as a comment, or write about it on your own blog and leave us a link in the comments.  Marriage is a long journey and the vows we take of better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness or health, offer only a tiny glimpse of our futures.  What does it really look like?  What story is God going to write with our lives?

Thursday morning we told Little Man it was our anniversary, but he found it rather perplexing.  He said, “So…you’re getting married again today?”  No, we explained, we are celebrating the day we got married.  We finally explained that it was a “wedding birthday” and that made all the sense in the world.

What If I’ve Done it All Wrong?

I have a new article up on Empowered to Connect, What if I’ve Done it All Wrong? It is the result of some great discussions with friends following the Empowered to Connect Conference.

The more I learn about parenting children with tough histories, the more I realize that sometimes I make a mess of things.  I forget to focus on the insights I have or the new skills I’ve learned.  I have to stop myself and really think – not just run on my instincts or old habits.  It is hard work!

All you mommies out there who are living this life, let’s press on, keep learning, keep loving, and encourage one another.  If you have a moment to hop over to Empowered to Connect to read the article, I would love your feedback.

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