Open Doors

Jennifer clock

Let me introduce you to my friend, Jennifer. She is going to share her thoughts and experiences here at One Thankful Mom from time to time. You will be so blessed to know her! If only we could all have coffee together in my kitchen, or maybe go snowshoeing in her Rocky Mountains.

What an honor to be invited to contribute here at One Thankful Mom!  I have known Lisa for about eight years now, having adopted our son from AHOPE just a few months after Kalkidan came home.  Not long after that, I had the honor of serving alongside her in a small non-profit, resourcing and educating families for medical needs adoptions. And over the years, I’ve been grateful for each bit of time I’ve been able to spend with her.

Those of you who know Lisa in real life and here through her blog know that she exudes welcome, warmth, and real.  I have met very few people who are able to share so deeply and honestly about the hard things and yet still carry in their words and their actions true hope and gratitude. Lisa does this.

I have told my husband many, many times that I would move to Idaho just to be able to learn more from her.  Because this is what I want too. I want to learn to live out the hard things with hope and gratitude.