Giveaway Winners!

I’m back from Seattle and have had a lovely Sunday with  my family.  We enjoyed church, had a simple dinner, carved pumpkins, and took the kids for a walk out of town, including hiking up the combine tracks in some hilly, harvested fields.  Honeybee and Sunshine gathered grasses and made a fantastic centerpiece for our dining room table.  I’ll share a picture later.

I am finally ready to announce the winners of The Connected Child and the companion guide, Created to Connect.  Thank you so much for your patience.

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Birthdays, Seattle, Life

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway for The Connected Child and the companion guide, Created to Connect!  I wish I had 79 copies to give away.  Rusty is going to help me figure out how many total entries there are and then randomly select the three winners.

[This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.]

Today is Little Man’s birthday!  My baby is four.  Can I just admit that it is bittersweet for me?  He is an amazing little boy, and I love watching him grow up, but he is my last baby, and I love mothering babies.

We celebrated his birthday last night with spaghetti and chocolate cake.  He loved his Playdough Ice Cream Factory and his dollar store flashlight and sword.  Today he had his birthday cereal and I hope to get some nice photos of him that I will share later.

I’m packing our bags for a trip to Seattle.  We usually have therapy appointments on Mondays, but every three months we also have appointments at Seattle Children’s and our clinic only sees patients on Thursday afternoons.  I’m picking up Honeybee, Dimples, and their friend Jubilee, after school and heading west.

…We Call You a Child


I was completely devastated by the book Renting Lacy. I knew the topic of child prostitution in the United States was not going to be pleasant, but somehow I thought I could imagine the worst. I was wrong. The  psychological and physical enslavement of children, and the horrific industry produced by the demand of men who abuse these children sickened me and reduced me to tears.

Books, Blankets, and Random Bits

I’m a sucker for math manipulatives, especially pattern blocks.

It’s Friday and the end of a long week with Russ out of town.  There isn’t much that is harder for me than having Russ away for an extended period of time.  We’ve had lots of prayers and my big kids helped me as they could; I’m happy to say that we made it through without too many challenges.

Here are some bits of randomness for Friday:

Tuesday’s Answers: Staying Connected With Our Older Children

This week’s Tuesday Topic came from Christine who asked:

How do you stay connected with your older kids when you are dealing with the constant fires of the younger ones. I feel like the older kids are always being brushed aside to wait while we deal with the younger ones, or they are helping us deal with the little kids. Our older kids also express this at times; then the guilty mom feelings rise. We can not refuse to deal with the little ones. Love some suggestions. From what I see your relationship with your older kids is good. I feel like I am losing mine, especially since our whole life has been turned upside down since our last adoption.

There are many great comments and suggestions to this topic which you will want to read.  Here are my thoughts.

Our family configuration is divided fairly clearly into the “older” and “younger” crowds…