Setting the Bar Low for a Family Photo

I’ve had this photo in a folder waiting to post it since Easter and today seemed like the right time.  I have three things to say about it.  First, Honeybee was cold and wanted Samuel to keep her warm – she only looks miserable.  Second, and more importantly, notice Eby’s bare upper body.  It was Easter Sunday and as we came home from church I told everyone to keep their nice clothes on long enough for me to take a quick photo.  Apparently I wasn’t quick enough and Eby ran upstairs to change.  When he heard us calling everyone to the porch to take a photo, he came down wearing only underwear.

For the Joy of it!

I love this picture of Jonah about to be swallowed by a very big fish, surrounded by all of that water.  Which reminds me, we have water again at our house! I am very thankful to report that the problem with our well was relatively minor and was repaired in one day.  That certainly made my life easier.

I’ve been thinking about our Tuesday Topic, How We Help our Children Feel Safe, and I have some thoughts, a few of which have actually been typed into a draft.  Hopefully I’ll have enough quiet to get it done soon.  I have several writing projects in the works for Empowered to Connect that I need to get working on  too.

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My favorite time in our homeschool day is when we sit down to read the Bible, followed by a science/nature book, and other stories.  I end our time with reading lessons for Eby and Little Man in my super-simple, tried-and-true, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  I know I just wrote that I had decided to continue using the One Year Bible for Children, which I love, but then I ordered just one more children’s Bible from Amazon and fell in love.

Twenty Real-Life Tools for Gifts

As I was writing the post of our Top Twenty Toys, I realized there is another category of favorite gifts worth mentioning. Many times rather than buying our children toys, we give them useful tools.  These aren’t necessarily tools in the sense of hammers and screwdrivers, although we’ve given those too, but something that can be used to accomplish a task or purpose.

Here are some of our favorites.

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1.  Apron and Cookbook/Recipe Notebook

On Honeybee and Ladybug’s 11th birthdays, they each received an apron and a Recipe Notebook that had page protectors and dividers for the basic types of recipes:  Breads, Soups, Salads and Sides, Main Dishes, and Desserts.  I put copies of simple family favorites in each section.  They have loved this gift and continue to regularly add recipes.  It cost nearly nothing to make and has given them a sense of satisfaction as they learn to cook.  We have also given cookbooks, especially to Sweet Pea who loves to cook.

Other fun things are cake decorating tools and special baking pans.  Mimi was the french bread making champ at our house for years and a friend gave her these nice pans.

2.  Backpacking/Camping Equipment

When Russ and the boys first got involved in Boy Scouts, we began giving equipment for Christmas and birthday gifts.  After a few years they had most of what they wanted, which makes Russ sad because he would rather shop for gear like this than for anything else.  If Russ were home, he could recommend all kinds of great gifts, but I’m not qualified.  I can say, we’ve given backpacking stoves, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, hiking boots, backpacking dishes and cookware, wool socks, and more.

3. Toolbox

We’ve given a toolbox for the car with tools necessary for quick repairs, a toolbox with general tools, and even a toolbox with a small hammer, level, and picture hanging supplies. A friend gave me a picture hanging tool kit for my birthday one year, and I have used it many times. I also have a small hammer that I keep in the laundry room; it’s the little things that make me happy.

4.  Small Table and Chairs, Toddler Chairs

When Sweet Pea and Mimi were little we took grandparent money and bought a small table with two chairs.  We still use it today! We have also used gift money to buy new bedding and decorative items for bedrooms.  Last year we gave Eby and Little Man toddler chairs from IKEA and they’ve been great.  We can fit the boys around the corners of the table and their chairs don’t take up unnecessary space.  Space gets tight when we have all fourteen of us around the table.

5. Knitting Needles and Yarn

I love to knit, and in a former life I never left the house without a project tucked in my bag.  In fact, I put “knit a hat” on my 50 Points of Joy list and just might pull it off over Christmas break.  Ladybug and Honeybee know how to knit, but I need to help them learn to follow a pattern and create things they will love.  I have a particular love for a book called Sunny’s Mittens that is now out of print. It is the story of a grandmother teaching her granddaughter to knit mittens and hats and is a wonderful teaching book. I had a copy that disappeared, but I recently found one online and ordered it. If you ever see it at a used bookstore or yard sale, buy it!

6.  Sewing Machine

Along the same lines is a sewing machine.  I’m not much of a sewer, but I have done a little quilting, made lots of curtains, and years ago I made simple clothes.  Our sewing machine died a couple of years ago and my girls have been pleading for a new one.  I know they would enjoy creating things for their dolls and with a little bit of help, for themselves.  I also suspect that Honeybee might be willing to mend things. I’ve been watching the deals on Amazon for sewing machines like this one.

7. Sports Equipment

A trampoline, basketball hoop, soccer goals, lacrosse equipment, running clothes, have all made their way into our home (or yard) as gifts.

8.  Musical Instruments

We love to encourage musical knowledge and ability, so we’re always happy to assist our kids in buying an instrument, or give them music and other accessories they need. In our home we currently have a piano, cello, viola, violins in various sizes, three acoustic guitars, one electric guitar, and various drums we brought home from Ethiopia. I also got a killer deal on a classroom set of children’s instruments years ago that has been lots of noisy fun.  Every once in awhile I’m tempted to buy a lap harp, and I have a weird desire to own an autoharp like the one my elementary school music teacher had.

9.  Techy Toys

My guys love techy things, and often ask for them for gifts.  One handy gift Rusty got last year was an Eye-fi.  It is a special memory card that automatically uploads photos directly to our computer.  I love that.  A new version of Photoshop is also on his wish list.   We’ve given small cameras, tripods, digital photo frames (to grandparents), and lots of iPod earbuds (I like the colorful ones so each child can have their own).

10.  Art and Craft Supplies

Art and Craft supplies are great consumable gifts if you are trying to keep clutter at bay.  I wrote about these on my Top Twenty Toys list, but also would like to add a wood burner, calligraphy set, and  scrapbooking supplies.  Once you head into the world of scrapbooking, the options are endless.  My kids also love having an easel.

11.  Magazine Subscriptions

Kids love getting mail! At various times our children have had subscriptions to Ladybug, Spider, Muse, Our Big Backyard, American Girl, Money, Kids National Geographic, and others.  We have also enjoyed Family Fun magazine, which is a great bargain.

12. Gardening Tools and Supplies

We bought two great sets of kid-sized, real gardening tools when our oldest kids were elementary age, and we still have many of them.  We also have given gardening gloves, hand tools, watering cans, and seeds.

13. Travel Gear

The year we did our big American History road trip, we gave each of the kids (six back then) an LL Bean duffle in their own color with their initials monogrammed on it.  Since then Sunshine was born and our four children joined our family from Ethiopia, so we’ve been gradually giving them theirs.  They are very handy and much easier to store than suitcases.  We have also given our kids tote bags and toiletry kits.  With all of our trips to Seattle, I love knowing that the girls have a  kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. already packed and ready to go.

14. Headlamp, Reading Light, Flashlight

I just asked Samuel to name the one tool that has been his favorite gift.  His answer was a headlamp.  Our guys use these all the time for camping and backpacking, but also for feeding cows, or doing any chores in the dark.  Along the same lines, but not quite as adventuresome are reading lights and light wedges.  I keep one in my suitcase that we take to Seattle and another in my bathroom cupboard for reading when the rest of the room needs to be dark.  They also work well in the car and kids love them.  You can also never go wrong with a good flashlight.

15. Office Supplies

A stapler, jumbo paperclips, label maker, page protectors, scissors, a ream of paper, pens and pencils — what’s not to love? I bought a classroom electric pencil sharpener over a year ago and it has made my school days so much easier. We love it.

16. Stationery

Remember when we used to write real letters?  My girls like to send letters and there is nothing like a box of pretty stationary along with an address book and stamps to encourage them. I’ve also given my kids calendars.

17. Cleaning Tools

Little Man loves to use the Dustbuster, Eby does a decent job with his small broom, and I read a blog post about a little guy who had a blast with a Power Scrubber – I may have to get one for Eby. If you really want to make someone happy, get them a Shark Steam Mop. My floors are the cleanest they’ve ever been and Honeybee is particularly happy because she no longer has to use a bucket and mop for her Saturday chore.

18. Pocket Knife

We have a well-loved tradition of giving our children a nice pocket knife for their tenth birthday. Nobody has needed stitches yet — at least not from their pocket knives.

19. Education

How about giving the gift of a cooking  or photography class?  Maybe one of your kids would love guitar lessons.  I once gave Russ fly-fishing lessons for his birthday and he loved it.

20. Experience

A number of years ago my Mom took all of her children and grandchildren to see The Nutcracker in downtown Seattle.  It was a fabulous and memorable gift. How about a concert or dinner out at a special restaurant?

What tools have you given your children, or would like to give them?  What tools would you like to receive?

Don’t tell my kids, but they are getting some of the things on this list for Christmas.

Oh, and two more things – binoculars and bird feeders!  Now I must stop thinking of things to add.  No more.  Done.

Have a great weekend everyone; we’re going to decorate our gingerbread house!


Ruby and the Booker Boys

The top of Dimples’ dresser this morning.

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One of Dimples’ favorite birthday gifts was a set of Ruby and the Booker Boys books.  She won a copy of Brand New School, Brave New Ruby in the library reading contest this summer and loved it.  Imagine my delight when she asked for more Ruby books for her birthday!

Ruby is a spunky African American third grader who has a loving family and lives in a friendly neighborhood.  Today I read Ruby Flips for Attention.    There was warm interaction between extended family members and loving older brothers (the Booker Boys) and parents.  The overall message was that it is more important to love and serve others than to strive for your own self-importance.   Very nice.

Books, Brianna, Babies

Yes, I stole this from Brianna's blog. They just look so cute.

Yesterday brought the stomach flu and today brought recovery.  Sunshine greeted me with a big smile this morning and said, “Mommy, I’m all better!”  The day has been filled with warmth, sunshine, playing outside, two phone calls from friends, a visit from another, and some especially encouraging words.  I also thoroughly cleaned my kitchen (while talking to a friend), put laundry away, and tidied up my room. It feels good, very good.

I also have happy news to share.  My friend, and co-worker at From HIV to Home, Brianna, is in the process of adopting two little sweethearts from Ethiopia.  Both of the little girls have Down Syndrome.

Love Home

It is absolutely lovely to be home today after traveling to and from Seattle. I look about my house and there is so much to be done. I don’t know about you, but when I’m gone, my work does not stop. I come home and my greatest temptation is to either begin dashing about trying to quickly set everything right, or criticize my family for not doing things the way I want them done. Neither of these responses is loving to the children, who have not seen me in a few days, or to Russ who has not only been doing his job, but carrying much of my load too.