More on HIV+ Adoption

There are many great things going on in the world of HIV+ adoption and although I mentioned this in my World AIDS Day post, I want to highlight two things today.

First, take a moment to read this article in the current issue of People magazine about my friend, Carolyn, and her family.

Second, take a look at this short video done by Carolyn and the folks at Project Hopeful.  Make sure you have the facts about HIV.

If you are considering adoption, please take a moment to think about a child living with HIV. If you have questions, please check out:

Blogs on my Blog roll written by families who have adopted children living with HIV (scroll down the page)

From HIV to Home

Project Hopeful

Positively Orphaned

Positively Adopted

You can change a life by supporting families adopting children with HIV, or by adopting a child yourself.