Kids, HIV, and Quilts

So often it feels that we are drowning in the needs of the world.  It is hard to know which causes to support and if our money will be put to good use.  One of the neat things I get to do in my role with From HIV to Home is to witness the work that other small organizations are doing to care for children with HIV, a cause that is very dear to my heart.

One of the organizations we partner with is Lola Children’s Home which was founded by a man that I have personally met on both of my trips to Ethiopia.  Abebe was an orphan himself and clearly knows the needs of these children.

More on HIV+ Adoption

There are many great things going on in the world of HIV+ adoption and although I mentioned this in my World AIDS Day post, I want to highlight two things today.

First, take a moment to read this article in the current issue of People magazine about my friend, Carolyn, and her family.

Second, take a look at this short video done by Carolyn and the folks at Project Hopeful.  Make sure you have the facts about HIV.

If you are considering adoption, please take a moment to think about a child living with HIV. If you have questions, please check out:

Blogs on my Blog roll written by families who have adopted children living with HIV (scroll down the page)

From HIV to Home

Project Hopeful

Positively Orphaned

Positively Adopted

You can change a life by supporting families adopting children with HIV, or by adopting a child yourself.


Books, Brianna, Babies

Yes, I stole this from Brianna's blog. They just look so cute.

Yesterday brought the stomach flu and today brought recovery.  Sunshine greeted me with a big smile this morning and said, “Mommy, I’m all better!”  The day has been filled with warmth, sunshine, playing outside, two phone calls from friends, a visit from another, and some especially encouraging words.  I also thoroughly cleaned my kitchen (while talking to a friend), put laundry away, and tidied up my room. It feels good, very good.

I also have happy news to share.  My friend, and co-worker at From HIV to Home, Brianna, is in the process of adopting two little sweethearts from Ethiopia.  Both of the little girls have Down Syndrome.

Soccer, Running, and Boise

It was a full day!  Each Thursday I have a Bible study with my friend, Kathleen.  She lives in Seattle and I live in Idaho, so we meet on the phone, which could be weird, but it works for us. Kathleen is an amazing mother to some big kids and two great boys from Kenya and we share many common experiences as adoptive moms.  I look forward to our study every week and I am learning so much.

The rest of the day flew by and by 4:00 I managed to have the house pulled together and dinner in the oven.  Then Russ and I did our “divide and conquer” routine — I took four girls to soccer and he took the two little boys to Samuel and Rusty’s track meet.

The good news is that Samuel qualified for the State track meet in Boise!  I’ve been in denial about traveling to Boise next week, but now I am excited for him and although I haven’t figured out a single detail, I’m sure it will be great.

I blogged today over at Grown in My Heart, so please stop by if you have a moment!