My Game-a-Day Challenge

I admire fun moms who play games with their kids, because it doesn’t come naturally to me.  I’m great at nurturing, teaching, and keeping the family running, but play — well, not really.  Play is important, children not only learn the skills a game requires, but they learn social skills as well, such as taking turns, not cheating, and being happy whether winning or losing.  These are not skills a child learns in an orphanage!

Giving Voice to Our Other Children

I have a new article up on Empowered to Connect today, Giving Voice to Our Other Children.  It was  a difficult piece for me to write, but it is probably one of the most important things I have to say about the impact of adding children from “hard places” to our family.  Let’s remember to give “voice” to all of our children.

I hope you all are learning from my struggles, mistakes,and learning curve – because that’s pretty much what you get around here!

While you’re at it, if you haven’t had a chance to read Rusty’s post from yesterday, Thirsty, I know it would mean a lot to him if you would read it and share it.  If you use Facebook, there are little buttons at the bottom of the post that make it easy to share.


Hi, this is Rusty, Lisa’s son.

Last summer I spent a lot of time sitting on top of strangers’ houses, tearing shingles off their roofs. As I sweated it out in the summer heat, I began asking God what He wanted me to do before I start college. Over the break, I spent a week at a church camp, and later went on a short-term mission trip, but still didn’t feel pointed in any direction.  I didn’t find my answer until late August when I was asked to speak to a group at my church about the water crisis and my experiences in Kenya; I had just over half an hour to prepare a presentation and I was not looking forward to it. But by the end of the talk I realized that this was the opportunity I had been looking for to continue the work I started last winter in Africa. Six months from now I will graduate from high school. My prayer is that I would make this time matter.

Living in the Middle

I had the joy of spending Saturday with my middle child, Ladybug. When Ladybug tells people that she is a middle child, they imagine her as the middle of three, not the middle of eleven. She holds a unique place in our family. In many ways she fits with the older five, but by age, she is closer to the younger five. This is a tough position to hold and we are constantly navigating the complexities of it.

Fifty Years

Today my parents celebrate fifty years of marriage.  I’m so very thankful for their example of faithful devotion and love.

How I wish I could write something significant today about marriage, but I am in the flurry of packing my family to head out for a grand celebration tomorrow. I am so happy to be celebrating with our extended family and my parents’ lifelong friends.  Life is rich.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.