Happy Birthday Samuel!

Today I nearly could have said, “Happy Birthday Peter!”

When Samuel was born, Russ and I were houseparents at Alpha Phi sorority at Cornell University.  Russ was doing his graduate work and we had all kinds of crazy jobs to support ourselves.  We remember our time at Alpha Phi with fondness, including the crazy memories of Samuel’s birth.  Samuel was born the day before a blizzard

Happy Birthday to Our Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea and Mimi

Today is Sweet Pea’s birthday!  Sweet Pea lives in Seattle where she is a second year medical student at the University of Washington.  She loves  Jesus, her family (that’s us!), medicine, ministering to the sick, P.G. Wodehouse, literature of all kinds, cooking, baking pies, singing, playing the piano, gardening, arranging flowers, knitting, and so many other things.

We are excited that she will spend her third year of medical school in Spokane, which is much closer to home.  Fortunately, with all of the trips we make to Seattle for therapy, we get to see her quite regularly.

Sweet Pea is spending her birthday with my Mom and her childhood best friend – the friend who opened all of Sweet Pea’s presents on her first birthday.  They are going to the opera and out for a special dinner.  It sounds lovely!

Interestingly, after living in New York, Colorado, and Idaho, she will also spend her birthday only blocks away from where she was born.  When Russ was an undergraduate at the University of Washington, we managed an apartment building on 4th and Virginia.  Hannah was born at home in our sixth floor apartment, with the help of a wonderful midwife.  She was my urban baby.

We’ll celebrate her 23rd birthday when she is home over Spring Break.

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!


She Said Yes

We are delighted to announce that our daughter, Mimi, is engaged to be married to her love, Andrew!  The wedding is planned for July 17th. 

We have already had a flurry of wedding planning activity and have lots to do in the next five months.  Mimi found her dress on her first shopping trip, in the first store, and I must say it is completely stunning.

The prettiest church in town has been rented (our church meets in a gym), and the reception will be in our backyard.  We have been telling all of the guys, Andrew included, that this will be the summer of yard work.  We hope to finally put in the patio we have wanted for ten years.

I’ll have more to share about planning the wedding over the next few months.

For now the thought that keeps coming to me is that the wedding is not a performance, it is the celebration of our daughter’s marriage to the young man she loves.  We are inviting the people who love them and love us to celebrate with us.  This should be a warm and wonderful day, not a stress-filled event designed to make an impression.  We want the wedding and reception to bring glory to God, not to ourselves.   As we make decisions, the question we want to keep in mind is, “Does this make Jesus look good?”, not “Does this make us look good?”

A new phase of our lives is about to begin – thanks be to God.


She is My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine

Boo has been asking me, for at least a year, to change her blog nickname. Apparently “Boo” is a baby name, which is probably why I like it so much. With the advent of my new blog, I have decided it is time to let her grow up. From here on out I will do my best to refer to Boo as Sunshine.

Sunshine and I spend a lot of time together, especially as we homeschool. She likes to pull her little table up next to my desk so we can work side-by-side; I like having her next to me. She is a wonderful big sister to Eby and Little Man, and encourages them in all manner of creative play, such as the “Puppy Game.”

At seven she is still missing her top front teeth, which is mighty cute.  She loves to read, sing, and play the piano.  Best of all, she loves me and it is a joy to be her Mommy.

I’m blogging today and tomorrow at Grown in My Heart about “What Therapy Looks Like”.  Please stop by!