I Remember Summer

I have a new article up on the Empowered to Connect site, I Remember Summer.  When I got the email that it had been posted, I panicked a little.  It seems that I wrote it so long ago, when the summer was fresh and I was full of optimism.  Yet, this summer (like last) has been such a challenge; I feared the article would mock me with grand confidence in things that didn’t play out the way I had hoped.  But I took a look, and you know what?  I like what I wrote.

At the Mile High Airport

It’s been ages since I’ve been able to post anything and I miss all of you!  Let me begin by saying the Empowered to Connect Conference in Denver was fantastic.  I met many wonderful people and truly enjoyed speaking.  I’m getting more comfortable being up in front of hundreds of people and risking that I just might say something ridiculous, start sobbing, or trip and fall.  So far I haven’t done any of those things, with the exception of getting choked up a couple of times.  I remind myself that I am there simply to serve and give glory to God – nothing else really matters.

What if I’ve Done it All Wrong?


I would venture to guess that nearly every parent of a child from a “hard place” believes they have done it all wrong.  As the recent Empowered to Connect Conference came to a close, a dear friend shared that she and her husband were both hopeful and disheartened by what they had learned.   They held back tears of sorrow and regret as they wished they could go back and parent their children differently.  Russ and I have also wrestled with these thoughts and are saddened by the knowledge that some of our efforts likely increased our children’s trauma rather than bringing healing.

Giving Voice to Our Other Children

I have a new article up on Empowered to Connect today, Giving Voice to Our Other Children.  It was  a difficult piece for me to write, but it is probably one of the most important things I have to say about the impact of adding children from “hard places” to our family.  Let’s remember to give “voice” to all of our children.

I hope you all are learning from my struggles, mistakes,and learning curve – because that’s pretty much what you get around here!

While you’re at it, if you haven’t had a chance to read Rusty’s post from yesterday, Thirsty, I know it would mean a lot to him if you would read it and share it.  If you use Facebook, there are little buttons at the bottom of the post that make it easy to share.

Coming Up – Resources for Adoptive and Foster Families

We had an incredible weekend celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  Travel was decent, the party was fantastic, time with extended family was amazing; it was all I hoped it would be.

The week is off to a busy start, but I want to share a few resources.  If you need a boost, want a bit of support, or simply want to learn more, here are some  upcoming events hosted by my friends:

Connecting with My Kids

This picture kept me company.

I’m home from my grand adventure to Nashville.  The Empowered to Connect conference was great – as many times as I’ve heard the material, I never stop learning new things.  Next up is Dallas in January followed by Denver in April – this is a lot of adventure for a mom from Idaho.

When I got up to speak, I was nervous, but when I saw my family’s picture up on the screen, they seemed so close and I felt much better.   There were over 900 people there, but after nearly two days together, they felt like friends.