Checking it Off the List

I woke up yesterday with my big “to-do” list swirling in my mind.  Every item seemed vital and screaming to be done, so I shook my head and gave it a bit of thought.  I asked myself what was the number one most pressing task I had to accomplish – what was the one thing that would make me feel the most relieved when it was done.  Christmas cards?  No, they could wait until next week.  A good school day?  Yes, but even my school kids were hardly going to do any work that day.  Baking?  No, we’re waiting for Sweet Pea to get home before we kick into high gear with baking.

A Teacher?

We were having dinner not long ago, and I asked Russ how his students did on an exam earlier that day.  Honeybee looked up in surprise and said, “You’re a teacher?”  We laughed and laughed.  Apparently Honeybee didn’t know that professors are teachers.  She knew Russ did research and writing, but somehow it had escaped her that he also teaches classes.

Twenty Real-Life Tools for Gifts – 2011

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In addition to our our Top Twenty Toys, there is another category of favorite gifts worth mentioning. Many times rather than buying our children toys, we give them useful tools.  These aren’t necessarily tools in the sense of hammers and screwdrivers, although we’ve given those too, but something that can be used to accomplish a task or purpose.

Here are some of our favorites:

A Christmas Greeting

Would you like to send a Christmas card to a street kid in Seattle?  This is a very simple opportunity to show love to the fatherless by extending kindness to a young person living on the streets – in a big city – where it rains all the time – in the winter – where it can be a dark and frightening place.

I would be so grateful if you would spread the word, through your blogs, churches, schools, or Facebook friends.  There are more details in the post, Be That Mom.  Skip to the bottom if you want the basic facts, such as a mailing address.

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent. I love everything about Advent – anticipating the coming of Christ, the candles, scripture readings that tell the story of Jesus, and the children around the table, candlelight glowing on their faces. Jesus came because we need Him – once lost, we can be found in Him, and Advent leads us deeper into that knowledge.

Our Advent traditions are simple, if they weren’t we would never do them. Despite the best intentions, complicated plans don’t go well with our life.

First, I gather five candles.