Movie: Change of Plans

I had the opportunity to pre-screen a TV movie, Change of Plans, that will be airing January 8 on FOX (produced by Family Movie Night with Walmart and P&G). I watched it with Sweet Pea, Rusty and Ladybug and we all felt like rockstars getting to watch the producer’s cut.

Sometimes plans change – tragedy strikes and everything we thought was in store for us is suddenly gone.  The movie Change of Plans tells the story of Jason and Sally Danville (Joe Flanigan and Brooke White), a young professional couple with successful careers.  Their unencumbered lives are altered when they learn they’ve been named guardians to four children. Sally’s best friend and her husband have died in an accident in Uganda, leaving Jordan, Javier, Kaleb, and Sung Lee orphans. Somehow, two self-centered but kind adults and four children reeling from the death of their parents must come together in an unlikely blend.