The Whole-Brain Child: Feelings Come and Go

Not long ago Sunshine was having a sad time.  We sat close together and I explained to her that feelings come and go.  I told her that I understood that she felt sad, and it felt like it would never end, but that we would sit together until the biggest part of the sadness passed.  She nestled in next to me and we talked quietly; before long, she began to feel better and soon we moved on with our day.

The authors of The Whole-Brain Child write that “on average, an emotion comes and goes in ninety seconds.”

Is There a Book in Me?

I’m finally doing it;  I’m beginning to sort through all of the My Learning Curve posts in preparation for a book.  Just as I typed those words, my stomach lurched a little because it feels so vulnerable to put it out there.  What if I can’t do it?  What if it takes five years?  What if I’m in way over my head?

I know you all are busy, but if there is a certain post that was helpful to you, it would be hugely beneficial for me to know.  There are a lot of My Learning Curve posts (in the Attachment and Trauma section) and as I began wading through them yesterday, I got overwhelmed.  I need to buckle down and get serious; there are people waiting for me to get content to them.