Sunday Visit: Ask 5 for 5

Sarah is a mom with a great idea.  Haunted by the horrific famine in the Horn of Africa, she decided to raise awareness and funds that will save lives.  The concept is simple – check it out.

This is taken from her SeeYourImpact page, which you should go see for yourself:

Extreme hunger is taking lives in East Africa.

The most severe drought in decades is threatening the lives of more than 11 million people. My own kids are from Ethiopia, and they could have been 2 of the millions suffering from extreme hunger today.

But we can change this!

The idea is simple: We each give $5. Then, we get just 5 of our friends to give $5. Then they keep it going with 5 of their friends. In just 9 generations (5 x 5 x 5 x 5…) we will raise over $2,400,000 to help relieve extreme hunger!!

Give $5.
Tell all your friends.
5 friends give $5.
They tell their friends.

100% of your gift will go to development organization World Vision, where it will be combined with government grants to multiply up to 5 times to provide food, medicine and healthcare to people in desperate need.

Amazing, isn’t it?  You can read more about Sarah, her vision, and her family on her blog 3 + 2 = 1.

If you have a blog and want to join Sarah, she would love to write a guest post for you during the week of Sept. 19 – 23.  Email her at for more information.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


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  1. Sarah
    August 29, 2011

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Lisa! I am so thrilled with the response so far. Over 600 people have donated a total of $18K already! I am aiming for at least $25,000. If any of your readers would allow me to guest post on their blogs during the week of Sept19-23rd, I would really appreciate it. I'm trying to find 500 bloggers to support Ask5for5 that week by allowing me to post. ANyone interested can email me at


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