“Stop! Wait!”

Happy Birthday to Noah who turned 21 yesterday.

Eby has been enjoying painting with watercolors lately and  yesterday he came to me with a painting he wanted to send to his sister, Mesky, in Italy.  That sounded good to me, so he dictated a few sentences for me to add to the picture and put it on my desk.

Our friendly UPS man came to deliver an Amazon box later that day, which is always exciting. As Little Man proudly carried the box up to the house, I heard Eby yell, “Stop!  Wait! Stop!”  The UPS man stopped his truck as Eby raced down the front lawn, the painting clutched in his hand.

I saw this through the window and called out to Eby that the UPS man couldn’t take the painting, it had to be mailed from the post office.  The UPS man saw me and I waved him off as Eby stopped in his tracks and turned back toward the house.  His head was hanging down and soon tears came, he cried,  “I want to send my painting to Mesky.”  I comforted him and explained that the painting needs an envelope – with an address- and postage –  that will take it all the way to Italy.

This was more than disappointment, it was a deep moment of the heart for Eby who shares a sweet bond with the sister he was separated from as a baby. We’ll need to make a trip to the post office and mail it together.

I want to thank all of you who responded so beautifully and creatively to yesterday’s Tuesday Topic about helping a little boy attach to his mother.   I have only a few small things to add, some of which have already been mentioned.  I would try rocking him once a day if he can tolerate it – even if he is on your lap facing outward at first.  If he can’t tolerate being held, have him sit next to you.  Give him a cup of warm milk, you can even sweeten it a little, and it should be offered only when he is rocking with you.  If he refuses milk, try giving him a caramel instead since the mouth mimics nursing when eating a sticky caramel.  Bubble gum is also a decent choice.  I would also consider you being the only person who gives him sweet treats for a period of time.

There were many great thoughts in the comments; be sure to go back and read them. If you have a question you would like to ask, please email it to me at lisa@onethankfulmom.com or leave it as a message to me on my One Thankful Mom facebook page (the link is in sidebar on the right of my blog).

901 – 910 giving thanks

Noah’s birthday dinner tonight

less coughing, more sleeping

a good appointment with the ENT

Samuel’s new job

friends who love my children

Jesus – His great love and mercy


Eby giving a few more hugs these days

my sister, Laura, and her party-planning skills

Sweet Pea’s graduation on Saturday


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  1. Nancy
    June 2, 2012

    Sweet Eby! What a heart that child has. I hope there is time to make it to the post office soon. Sweet mama. Thank you for seeing how important this is to him.

  2. Scooping it Up
    June 5, 2012

    I love the only sweets from mom thing. for all my kids. We kind of need this. Grandmas hate me…


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