I consider every speaking engagement an honor. As a mom for 34 years and wife to Russ for 37, I’m prepared to speak on a wide range of topics including Adoption, Foster Care, Motherhood, and Marriage. For faith-based groups, I also speak about God’s faithfulness and love through every experience in life, including grief.

I’m the co-author of The Connected Parent (with Dr. Karyn Purvis), a TBRI Practitioner, certified Enneagram coach, and co-host of The Adoption Connection podcast.

I speak as a mom of eight children by birth, four through international adoption, and more through foster care. I am also a former foster youth and first/birth mom, giving me a unique perspective on foster care and adoption.


Some of my favorite topics are:

Connecting Deeply With Your Child – tips for building attachment

Giving Voice to Siblings (my daughter may be available to speak with me)

How Will Adoption and Foster Care Impact my Children?

Creating a Support Team for Your Family

How to Help a Family in Crisis

The Importance of Flexibility as a Foster or Adoptive Parent

I Used to Be a Good Mom – especially for moms who add children with early adversity to their families resulting in Blocked Care

Being a First/Birth Mom – my experience and thoughts

The Story of Us: Caring for Yourself, Caring for Your Marriage

We Serve, We Love, God Heals – keeping perspective on our role in our child’s healing journey

God Writes the Best Stories – trusting the Author to write a powerful story with our lives

Courage and Endurance in the Foster/Adoption Journey

Beautifully Broken – how suffering brings about beauty

Finding Hope in the Hard Places

God With Us – God’s presence in our lives, especially when we need him most

Our Lives are Written in Pencil – remaining open to God’s plans

I desire to meet the needs of your audience and will work with you to coordinate my content with your theme and your particular needs.

If you would like me to speak at your event, or have questions for me, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of my home page and I will get back to you.

I look forward to hearing from you.