Simple (and small) Living vol. 14


Everything is in bloom at my home in Idaho.

I photographed this patch of foxtail lilies that has taken over the edge of a farmer’s field near our house. Decades ago a farmhouse was on this spot and the family likely planted these to adorn a flower bed.

The farmhouse is long gone, but the foxtail lilies have spread and grown and now there is a glorious patch of them scattered all around a time-worn shed.


The days are getting longer and the school year is complete. We are heading into a new season and doing a lot of cleaning and decluttering to prepare for the warm months ahead.

One of the areas we are focusing our attention on is the children’s bedroom.

Living in a small home, and having all three children in one room, requires more organizational discipline than when we lived in 3,000 square feet.

The goal is to keep their room organized so that it’s a fun place to work and play.

It’s important that we have a daily, weekly, monthly, and bi-annual organization times due to limited space.


Every Day

Make the beds. 

I said this before in my post about my own bedroom, but making a bed will tidy a room faster than anything. Even in the thick of play,

A made bed creates a room that feels calm and has order to it. It only takes minutes and yet it sets the tone for a room. 

At the end of the day all toys are put away, coats hung and shoes stored. Everything in my kids’ room has a home. When stray items have no designated home then it becomes impossible to tidy a room.

If there are more items than storage space, begin discarding.

Every Week

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Once a week the room is dusted, swept, mopped, and the sheets are washed.  If  I’m short on time I shake out the duvet, air out the bed, and replace the pillowcase with a fresh one.

Our goal is to clean out each child’s paper pocket above their coat hook. We take the time to look through the papers and save a few special papers to put in a three ringed binder.

Each child may keep one coat and one hoodie, along with their backpack, on their hook. Any extras are taken to the garage where we store extra coats and sweatshirts.


Every Month

Once a month I remove all shoes from the shoe cabinet, dust it, and remove shoes that no longer fit, are damaged, or are not appropriate for the season.

We also remove all of the clothing from their drawers and dispose of stained or torn clothing.  Anything that doesn’t fit or isn’t getting worn is discarded or saved for a younger sibling.


Every Six Months

Twice a year, once at Christmas and once at the start of Summer, we completely move out of the room.

I take all of the kids’ toys and belongings out, with the exception of clothing. We discard books and toys they no longer use or want. We find storage for toys they don’t play with often, but aren’t ready to part with completely, and toss anything that’s broken.

I scrub down the walls and touch up paint scuffs. We wash all of the bedding including pillows and duvets.

In fact, we are due to do our bi-annual deep clean/declutter.

Next week I will explain how we walk through this task and include before and after photos!

If you are just joining me in my journey of simple (and small) living, you might enjoy starting with volume 1.


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This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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