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Keeping your bathrooms clean and tidy is a blessing to your family and your guests. This is how I do it in my small home.

Start by decluttering.

Keep counters and surfaces clear.

Much like your kitchen counters, the more doodads and bottles you have cluttering up your surfaces the more effort it will take to keep it clean.

Have a monthly routine.

Each month declutter the bathroom. Toss empty bottles and expired toiletries, and straighten disheveled linens. If you haven’t used that lotion in a month, you probably aren’t going to.

It takes about 30 minutes to get the bathroom completely tidy and organized. If you do this once a month, you’ll find it takes even less time to de-clutter.

Practice daily maintenance.

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My daily goal is to wipe down the toilet, countertops, and doorknobs, each morning and again just before bed, when the bathroom gets the most use. I keep a bottle of cleaner and microfiber towels where my older children can find them easily and use them.

Create intentional storage.

A cupboard or cabinet stuffed with bottles and towels will be a mess in no time at all. Use smaller baskets and tubs to keep items groups and organized.

Make the distinction between lidded and non-lidded storage. Items you use daily should not be lidded. Items used less often can be put in lidded tubs and stacked.

Not all items fit well in a square bin. Canning jars are wonderful inexpensive solutions for storing toothbrushes, make-up brushes, cotton swabs, etc.

Keep toothbrushes in separate baskets or jars so that each person has their own toothpaste and brush. This minimizes the germ swapping that occurs when everyone’s personal hygiene is happening in such close quarters.

Simplify your cleaning.

It’s easy to have a myriad of cleaning products in the bathroom. Yet when space is tight this isn’t a smart use of space.

I keep a few heavy duty cleaners in my garage. However for daily use I keep one spray bottle of natural anti-bacterial cleaner and a stack of microfiber towels in my bathroom for every day use.

Microfiber towels are amazing. I could write an entire post on microfiber. Microfiber will cut down your cleaning time, simplify your work, and your surfaces will be shiny and bright.


My favorite bathroom cleaner is OnGuard a highly concentrated cleaner made by DoTerra. It can be purchased through a representative or on Amazon. It keeps the bath smelling nice and sparkling clean.

Another favorite product is Dr.Bronner’s Sal Suds, which is equally wonderful added to a spray bottle of water. I use these on every single surface of my bathroom. When used with microfiber towels I can even use these cleaners on my mirror and not get any streaks.


Add fresh flowers.

It’s such a nice touch to walk into a bathroom and see flowers. Even if the decor of your bathroom isn’t what you’d wish for, your bath will get an instant makeover with a vase of blooms or a houseplant next to the sink. Fresh flowers motivate me to keep the bathroom picked up and clean.

Next week I’ll talk about the most challenging room to keep organized, my kids’ room. I’ve learned a few things about keeping their bedroom organized and tidy but also when to let go of the reins.


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This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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