Simple (and small) Living vol. 9


Last week I walked through some of the steps I take when I downsize my wardrobe. After thoroughly purging all of the things I don’t need it feels amazing to open up my drawers and my closet and see all of my favorite things neatly organized.

Maintaining simplicity is a discipline.

It requires me to think differently when I’m out shopping for clothing or anything that I’m planning to bring into my home.


This time of year I start craving fresh clothes and lighter shades. Spring merchandise is put out in lovely displays and I am tempted to start accumulating.


Without a plan of attack, it’s easy for my simple clutter free space to come overrun with too much.

Here are a few tips to encourage intentional shopping.

Before I shop:

  1. I assess what I have before I decide what to buy.
    This step is so important. Before I start buying Spring and Summer clothing for my family or myself, I go through our storage and see what I already have.
  2. Make a list and be specific!
    Instead of writing “cardigan sweater,” write “navy cardigan to wear over church dresses and with striped maxi skirt”. This really helps in the dressing room while considering a purchase or when you are overwhelmed by the racks and racks of options.


While I’m shopping I mostly stick to my list but it isn’t uncommon to  find something that isn’t on my list.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Try to visualize where the item is going to go.
    Picturing in my head exactly where I plan to put the item in question helps me determine if it is a wise purchase or not. I ask myself “what will I wear with this?” or “where will I store this item?”
  2. Am I buying this just because it’s a good deal?
    I have to confess that I love good deals and I’ve been known to buy because of the good price tag, and less because I really liked and needed the item.
  3. Do I absolutely love this item?
    Think it through. My goal is to only bring clothing and items into our home that I really, really love. That means spending a lot of time considering the item before I make a purchase. I also save receipts to return items that aren’t right and will routinely pass up something and return for it later.


Value quality over quantity!

To keep your possessions minimal and useful you must value quality.  Shop for the best quality item that fits your budget. You will buy less and be more satisfied with the items in your closet and around the home. Add in less expensive items sparingly,

Buy less expensive items sparingly. Having quality basics keeps your closet and home simple, useful, and beautiful. 


If there is one thing I would change about my small home it would be my limited storage, but I can’t change that, so these strategies help me keep our home simplified.

Next week I’ll delve into the challenges of sharing a bathroom with four other people. How I keep it fresh, clean, and organized despite its constant use.

[If you’ve missed some of the posts in this series, you can start here with Volume 1.]


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