Simple (and small) Living vol. 3

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Thank you for joining us again today, Sarah!
We have been looking forward to this peek into your home!


From the inception of this blog series, I have been looking forward to inviting you into my home and showing you around. My husband and I designed our home, and he built it. We have lived here exactly two years and have loved our time here. It has been a blessing to be in a cozy space with our family, living on nine acres up on a hill. 


The connection we have with nature here every day is a gift that daily leaves me in awe of God’s graciousness to our family. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that we would get to live in such a beautiful place.

great room

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Great Room – Our house is 30×32 feet. It sits atop a two car garage. The living, dining, and kitchen are one room that takes up over half of the square footage. A few of the design elements that make this work are the large east-facing windows that bring in a lot of natural light in the morning and through the middle of the day. We chose to paint all of the interior walls a warm white color (Sherwin Williams Creamy) that keeps the space feeling clean and bright. We love to entertain, so while our kitchen isn’t large, it is a simple L-shape. There is a generous amount of space to move about. We left the south wall blank so we could butt our large dining table up against the wall. This table serves many functions. It’s big and chunky and serves as a homework desk, a craft table, a food prep area, and of course we eat all of our meals there.


Kitchen – To keep our kitchen simple and uncluttered, we decided to do without traditional upper cabinets and install a single open shelf on the two main walls of our kitchen. This may seem counter-intuitive when storage is at such a premium, but eliminating upper cabinets has a two-fold effect. It lightens the room visually and it helps me keep the contents minimal and pretty. Have you ever wondered when you’ve looked at the Pinterest photos of open shelving if it’s really possible to live in a functional kitchen with only pretty things on the shelves? I wondered the same thing, and the answer is yes!

master bedroom

Master Bedroom – On the bedroom side of our home, we have a master bedroom that has the same oversized windows as the living area. Our bedroom is tiny. We had to have special side tables made because there was about ten inches on either side of our bed. However the big windows and tall ceilings make it feel large and bright. Our bedroom serves many functions. Our kids use it as a cozy place to watch movies. When we are entertaining and there are too many kids in the house to comfortably play in the kids’ bedroom, games, toys, and children often filter into our bedroom. There is just enough room to fit my yoga mat between the bed and the wall, and I love looking out at the view while I exercise. 


Bathroom – Our bathroom has two doors. One opens to our master bedroom, and the second leads to the kids’ room. This room gets tons of traffic. All five of us use it, but it’s also the way my children prefer get to their bedroom. There’s a hallway from our room that leads to theirs but the bathroom route is shorter, so that’s the way everyone goes. We have three bins for dirty laundry and a pull-out ironing board that is hidden in the cabinetry, so this bathroom functions partially as a laundry room as well.

kids room

Kids’ Room – The kids room is the most untamed room in the house. There is a lot going on here, because there are three children’s possessions housed here (this photo was taken for my husband’s business, so it is very cleaned up). My oldest son is 10, then I have a 9 year old daughter, and my youngest daughter is almost 7. Because I have mixed-gender kids in one bedroom, we went with a palette of grey, white, and a little red. My husband built triple bunks, and we have one large dresser that contains nearly all of their clothing.

Hallway – The hallway that loops back around to our bedroom contains a closet with our stackable washer/dryer as well as the one and only storage closet in our home. My husband and I keep most of our clothing here and a just few of our kids’ things. We keep most of our shoes here too. We try to keep bulky boots and coats in the garage.

And that’s it. It certainly takes a lot of intentional choices about how each room functions – choices made both at the time we built our home and on a continual basis, but we love the space and the opportunity to live closely together as a family.  I hope you enjoyed your visit to my small home!

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This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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