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Tips for Downsizing Your Wardrobe

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I mentioned last week that there is a lot to consider when you’re downsizing your wardrobe and there are many helpful books and websites to refer to when you’re trying to keep your wardrobe fashionable, versatile, and small.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up; The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo was the most helpful resource on the subject for me. The website is incredibly helpful if you’re inspired to simplify and declutter your wardrobe without sacrificing style and versatility.


I love clothes and I enjoy shopping and fashion. What I’ve learned by living in a small space with limited clothing storage is that I haven’t had to give up these things. I have however had to be more intentional about my wardrobe and thoroughly edit my closet regularly.


You must be honest with yourself when editing your wardrobe. We all have pieces in our closets that we hope we could wear again or feel like we should wear again. Be realistic. Discard items that you aren’t wearing regularly, don’t fit, or you feel a twinge of guilt over.

Shed the burden of having too much. You will immediately feel relief and joy when you open your closet and begin choosing your outfits when all you see are items you love and use.


Shop your own closet by removing all of the clothes and start choosing pieces that you look forward to wearing. I imagine I’m going on a two week trip and I want to look and feel good in all of the clothes I take. This helps me focus on what I love, choose a variety of pieces, and create cohesive outfits.


Stop choosing and start discarding. Once I’ve got a variety of clothing to last me about two weeks I shift the focus to what’s left on my bed and begin ruthlessly editing. Discarded items end up at the consignment shop or the thrift store. Anything that has rips or stains I toss in the trash. Items that are out of season go in a labeled storage bin.

Don’t forget to edit your accessories, shoes, socks and underwear too. Drawers can be horribly stuffed full of unnecessary unused items that clog up your space and create anxiety. Toss socks with no mate, stained undergarments, or those painfully uncomfortable heels.


 I love the satisfying feeling of opening up my closet and composing an outfit after a good thorough editing session. Doing laundry and putting my clothes away is fun rather than a chore. Having a simple beautiful wardrobe is a blessing, truly something to be thankful for.

Next week I’ll be back to walk you through the steps of planning and executing a successful shopping trip without clogging up your newly decluttered closet.

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This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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