She Has Her White Coat

One of the special milestones for medical students is receiving their white coat at the end of the first year of medical school. Sweet Pea’s ceremony was held last weekend and her mentor, whom she had worked with in his clinic all year, put her white coat on her. As you can see from the photos, she was very happy.

This summer she’ll wear her white coat while working in northern Montana. As part of her training, she applied to spend four weeks working in a rural clinic doing family medicine. She will even be living with the physician and his family. Fortunately for them, she also loves to cook and garden, so our loss will be their gain.

Summer is approaching, despite the snow on the ground outside my windows, and I am working on our plans. Scheduling our lives is like putting a complicated puzzle together. I planned a short family vacation at the end of May and even that requires pulling Honeybee and Dimples out of school, but since we are incorporating a day of medical appointments into our plans, I feel justified doing it. Despite my best efforts, Mimi may not be able to come. We are at the beginning of a new phase of having adult children who have their own lives and plans. It was delayed longer than it is for many families since my older kids chose to live at home during college, but things are beginning to shift and change.

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  1. Rachel
    April 28, 2009

    I have to say this made me tear up! I just can’t get over H. and the wonderful lovely lady she has become…It seems like just months ago she and MK babysat Tage so Brant and I could go out on our first date after Tage was born…


  2. Shonni
    April 28, 2009

    Yes…I know…our oldest now lives in Dallas, far from us…I’m proud of him and seeing him live his life…I will still miss my little boy when we go camping this year!!!!

  3. Laurel
    April 28, 2009

    Oh how well I know the feelings of having my big kids move on in their lives without me. 🙂

    Sweet Pea’s summer plans sound wonderful. What a great experience.

    More snow? I can’t believe it? I am headed over the mountains (to Yakima) this weekend and it hadn’t crossed my mind that their might be SNOW the first weekend in May. Crazy!

    Have fun making your summer plans. If you’re ever headed to our side of the state, and want to make a Northern detour, we would LOVE to host your family for a day or two or three. We have beds for the adults, and lots of floor space for the kids. 🙂


    Laurel 🙂

  4. Cindy
    April 29, 2009

    Congratulations to your daughter! The “white coat” looks great on her! I’m sure that her patients will be blessed to be in her care.

    I dont comment much on your blog, but I read it faithfully. I have gleaned many tidbits of wisdom from you in raising older adopted children.

    Blessings to your family.

  5. PastorMac's Ann
    April 29, 2009

    Congrats to your Sweet Pea. I’m sure she’ll make a wonderful doctor.


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