No Rash Attempts of Bravery

This morning we are heading to Silverwood Theme Park with my sister, Laura, and her family! Last winter Honeybee was given tickets for her entire family, which we saved until September when crowds would be sparse. The forecast is for rain, but we don’t care – I was born in Seattle after all.

Now that my nephew is a freshman at the University of Idaho, it is much easier to persuade my sister and her family to visit. Besides, it’s Dad’s Weekend, and Silverwood will be much more fun than playing golf. I’m quite happy that Caleb chose UI since we are enjoying having him near and besides, I’m going to see my sister much more often.

Although I’m still humiliated by this memory, I think of it every time Silverwood comes to mind. I may not have told you this, but I have an intense fear of heights — I just don’t do them. Several years ago when we went to Silverwood, I decided to be very brave and got on this ride (above) with Rusty. I was nervous as we went up in the air, but then the ride stopped with us at the top to load more people, and continued to stop for each successive car. My anxiety went through the roof. I was practicing slow breathing, telling myself I was perfectly safe, but I was miserable. No laughing, you can’t tell from the picture how high this ride  is — really, it’s very high! I decided there was no way I could endure it, even for the sake of my attempt at being a “fun mom”, so as our “parachute” approached the guy operating the ride, I gestured to him to stop, and yes, I actually got off.

How’s that for embarrassing? This time I think I’ll stick to rides that are low to the ground. Little Man and I are going to have a great time!

Anybody else have a good amusement park story?


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  1. *Ashley Lou*
    September 18, 2010

    I once threw up in the "Gravatron" ride at the County Fair….Yes, the ride that spins so fast it gives the illusion of removing gravity and makes everything float. Yes. Everything does, in fact, float. Everything. Much to the humiliation of a sick 'tween…… Needless to say, I don't ride things that "spin" anymore.

  2. Leslie
    September 18, 2010

    Oh my goodness, ME TOO!! It was when we went to the rodeo last year and I wanted to be brave and take the girls on the Ferris Wheel of all things. I thought it looked tall from the ground, but I thought, I can do it, and isn't it better if I go up with them? So we started up and it stopped as each set of people got on, and after just a few stops up and up, I got more anxious and realized this was a very bad idea. So I did yell down and ask them to let me off. Very embarrassing, but the alternative would have been worse. 🙂 Have lots of fun together at the amusement park!!

  3. Joelle
    September 18, 2010

    I HATE RIDES!!! I will not even get on a ferris wheel. I rode a few kiddie rides as a young child and screamed until they let me off. I used to love heights (as in I was always the kid to climb to the top of the highest tress) but now it's anxiety city. I will not attempt a ride even to try and be a "fun mom". My kids no they have to find another way to enjoy a good time with me.

  4. Laura
    September 20, 2010

    It was a great day, even for those of us afraid of the rides. I enjoyed the ferris wheel with Sunshine and Eby driving me in the anytque cars, but I certainly cannot and did not do any spinning rides. I am amazed at your children and how many scary rides they go on! If only it had been warmer.


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