Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to our friends and family!

I have been waiting to post an update until we had news of Dimples’s court date, but despite checking my email numerous times this morning, we have not heard when it will be. We were told that her “welcome bag” will be carried to Ethiopia on Dec. 30th, so she will receive the news of having a family right before her Christmas, which is Jan. 7th. I wish I could be there to see her sweet face.

Our case manager for Eby and Little Man emailed this week:

Yes, the boys are in Addis. I was told they were great travelers! It’s not an easy trip from Wolita so that’s saying something!

Dagne will get the boys to the Addis clinic as soon as possible. As soon as their results are ready, I will receive e-mailed copies to give you. If nothing comes up to delay the referrals, he will then take the cases to the court registrar as soon as possible to get a court date assigned. Normally the court date is scheduled for 10-15 days later.

Right now much depends on how quickly the kids can get in and out of the clinic and we can get results. I’ll ask about your case tomorrow when I call Dagne.

We should be used to waiting, but it is still difficult. We are growing more and more attached to our children and want to know so much about them.

If you got our Christmas letter and are reading the blog for the first time, thank you for stopping by. I have found that this is the most efficient means of keeping everyone up on our progress.

Have a very merry Christmas! Keep in touch.


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  1. Michael Plaza
    December 24, 2006

    Dimples will be so excited to get that welcome bag! I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of her receiving the package. I am praying for you three children and the rest of your family!


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