A Little Holiday Cheer

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot to do today! I intended to have much more accomplished by this morning, but as it turns out, my list is long – very long.

I have to share these images from Rudolph and Elf for a little holiday cheer – they make me smile! A friend shared this on Facebook (thank you, Amy) after she noticed the similarities, and I asked her permission to share it with you.

Elf Images 2

So tell me, had you noticed the matching costumes?

The big kids are rolling in. Noah finished his family medicine rotation and is on break, which makes his wife, Katie, very happy. They are living locally again, but he is away for weeks at a time, so it feels like he just got back to town.

Mimi flew in last night after many weeks of travel and will be here for a week. Samuel arrives this evening, and Isaiah flies in tomorrow night. Everyone will be here for Christmas except Hannah who is chief resident this year. She’ll be home for a visit in January.

With the kids here, I won’t be writing much over the next week. My friends-letter (weekend newsletter) will be delivered by email today or tomorrow to friends who have signed up. If you want a more personal (short and sweet) note from me, be sure to subscribe. I especially look forward to writing this each week.

Christmas is complicated for our family. We’re gathering for the happiest family holiday of the year, followed very quickly by the saddest day of the year.

December 27th, the second anniversary of our accident and losing Kalkidan, comes so closely afterward. As I rush from one task to another, it’s easy to push it down, shove the memories away, and refuse to think or let the feelings come.

Then, when I let my guard down, I’m caught unaware, and a wave hits. I’m not ready – truly not ready. I would love to say we have a plan, but we don’t.

We’ll talk when everyone is here and decide how to share the day together. We are grateful for your prayers.

Thank you for loving us through the years, and especially the last two years.

Now, back to work, friends. Let’s get it done so we can enjoy our families!

p.s. If you’re stressed over last-minute gifts, take the pressure off and give Amazon gift cards which can be purchased in any amount. Kids LOVE the animated ones. You’ll be done shopping and everyone will be happy.


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